Treatment of valgus deformation of the big toe without surgery

valgus deformity of the big toe

One of the most common types of orthopedic pathologies should be considered valgus deformation of the big toe treatment without surgery, which is only possible in the initial phases of the disease. Should be considered in detail, what are the causes of this disease are shown, effective and conservative methods of treatment.

Causes of formation of hallux valgus of the big toe

Hallux valgus is a pathological curvature of the big toe joint of the foot inwards and outwards bulging of the first metatarsal bone. The disease affects all the components of the bone elements of the foot, tendons and ligaments because of incorrect load distribution in the foot.

When the advanced of the disease, the only effective way to fight is to consider the surgery. But if we talk about the specialist at the first signs of the disease, possible conservative treatment. You should pay attention to the following manifestations of the disease:

  • a slight tilt of the thumb to the other phalanges (less than 20 degrees);
  • pain in the use of shoes;
  • the formation of small holes in the side of the gold;
  • redness and swelling of the specified education due to the inflammation of periarticular bags;
  • the appearance of blisters;
  • changing the shape of the foot.

To determine the most appropriate treatment it is important to determine the cause of the hallux valgus. Factors that can deform the foot, there is a good lot. The most common are:

  • flat feet cross type;
  • clubfoot;
  • wearing mismatched shoes (high heels, narrow shoes);
  • excess weight;
  • the genetic predisposition;
  • injury;
  • some diseases of the foot, etc.

The mentioned pathology is most often seen in women. This is due to the constant use of shoes narrow for high unstable heels. When walking in these shoes feels superstrong overload in the front part of the foot. This imbalance, finally, is developed in a valgus foot deformity: metatarsus-phalanx joint becomes unstable, the metatarsal bone is carried out, the first finger is bent. Frequent walking barefoot trains the muscles and tendons of the legs and is an excellent prevention of the specified disease.

If the negligence of your health and to ignore the signs of hallux valgus, you can develop serious complications: thickening of the head of the bone, bursitis , scoliosis, etc.

General rules for the conservative treatment of hallux valgus

The basis of conservative treatment is:

  • the exception because of the curvature of the foot;
  • the elimination of the deformation of the feet;
  • get rid of the accompanying symptoms - pain, inflammation, swelling.

With the time, when observing a positive dynamics of the bone ceases to grow, decreases in size, the foot takes its normal state. With all the recommendations of the orthopedist happens proper distribution of load in the foot.

In the primary treatment of the patient to the specialist for the development of effective therapeutic interventions, a full medical diagnostic. Common diagnostic methods for this pathology it is necessary to bear in mind:

  • visual inspection of deformation of the feet;
  • the x-rays, which is easily visible bone changes;
  • A magnetic RESONANCE imaging or computed tomography;
  • computer planotography, which is determined by the load on the different parts of the foot, etc.

After a careful analysis of the research results, the doctor selects the patient in the correct methods of conservative treatment. It is important to take into account:

  • the patient's age (usually 50 years);
  • the angle of deformation must not exceed 30 degrees;
  • the lack of underlying foot.
the angle of deformation must not exceed the

At this moment there are several good non-surgical methods of treatment of the hallux valgus. Often a positive result is used various approaches and medical therapies.

Effective conservative methods of struggle with valgus deformity of the foot in the current phase, are:

  • drug therapy;
  • the use of special tools;
  • the therapeutic measures;
  • the use of traditional medicine.

Only with an integrated approach and harmonious combination of various methods of treatment will give a lasting positive result.

Drug therapy aims to eliminate all the negative symptoms observed during the deformation of the feet. To get rid of the inflammatory process, doctors injected into the cavity of the joints of hormones (DiPisan, Hydrocortisone). To this effect, it can be applied exterior anti-inflammatory drugs (tablets, ointments, gels). Pain syndrome is eliminated analgesics (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol).

Conduct therapeutic interventions in hallux valgus

The effectiveness of the remedial measures to get rid of hallux valgus stop in the early stages of the disease are proven long-term medical practice. As therapeutic interventions should be considered:

  • physiotherapy course;
  • physical culture;
  • massage;
  • a special diet;
  • the right vacation for your feet.

Physiotherapy includes treatments such as shockwave therapy, diathermy, body wraps of mud on the legs and in order to provide increase the blood circulation to the affected location, relieve pain and inflammation.

Regular therapeutic exercises to strengthen weak muscles, returning the foot to normal position, develop the fingers of the feet. The most popular exercises in physical therapy are:

  • circular motion of the big toes;
  • the movement of the inner and the outer sides of the feet, alternating;
  • walking barefoot;
  • smooth weight transfer of the body from the toe to heel and back etc.
Conduct therapeutic interventions in hallux valgus

The physical culture will give more positive result when combined with the therapeutic massage, carried out by a specialist. In this procedure, warming up all of the evil of the leg. This allows you to improve the blood circulation, restore mobility of the joints and the ligaments.

The ability to relax the legs after a long walk will bring enormous benefits in the treatment and prevention of many diseases of the lower extremities, in particular hallux valgus. This requires, at the end of a day to take a horizontal position and elevate the feet above the head. To be in this position for 15-20 minutes. Then, the legs should be low in the ready the freshness of the water.

An important role in the fight against this disease is proper nutrition. On the basis of the daily diet should exclude fatty, smoked and spicy food, reduce the consumption of sweets. This will reduce the inflammation of the interior. Useful products with a high content of vitamins a, E And C. the proper diet will automatically lead to the reduction of excess weight, which is one of the common causes of hallux valgus feet.

The procedure described can effectively fight with the disease without the need for surgery.

Special devices in the treatment of hallux valgus

Conservative to straighten out deformed foot is impossible without the use of special orthopaedic devices. These include:

  • templates;
  • links;
  • orthopedic splint;
  • the night editor etc.
Special devices in the treatment of hallux valgus

Therapeutic staff with a special base, made individually for each patient, remove the main burden of the patient's joint, return the foot to its shock absorbing properties. To align the phalanges and reduce the tension, help with special templates and interdigital septum. The night brace corrector securely holds the big toe in the correct position.

Keys with pads on the damaged area fixed fingers in a steady state and, finally, align the foot. These devices can be used continuously. Links are sometimes used to maintain the transverse arch of the foot.

Elimination of the main causes of the disease - narrow door high heel shoes - is a prerequisite for the success of the treatment. Suitable for permanent use of shoes should be comfortable, made of soft natural materials, with a wide toe box, the heel no higher than 4-5 cm, with these shoes to properly distribute the load on the foot.

The traditional medicine in the fight against the deformation of the feet

Additional funds in the conservative treatment of hallux valgus stop are the recommendations of folk medicine. They are effective to relieve the main symptoms of the disease.

Pain remove the medicinal compositions are prepared independently. These include:

  • a poultice of clay, composed of red clay, turpentine, water, and the salt of the sea;
  • alcohol based ointment of ammonia and ethyl alcohol, red pepper, camphor;
  • egg ointment, which consists of eggs, acetic acid, pork lard, turpentine.

These compositions are applied to the affected area for 2 hours before you go to sleep. After this, the foot must be worn with warm socks.

Relieve pain, inflammation baths herbal infusions of burdock root, chamomile, St. John's wort. It is often used in this pathology cool baths with sea salt and iodine.

The application of a cold compress several times a day receives the patient. This can serve as a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth.

Pieces of soft propolis can be tied all night in the square jut of the bone. Popular among patients with valgus deformity of the foot treatment application of cabbage or burdock leaves. Mulberry leaves for a greater effect, smeared with turpentine. Appliques are done for the night.

To get a stable result traditional medicines, must use a lot of time, up to 2-3 months.

The base of all recipes is warming to the deformation, that allows to improve metabolic process, strengthen the local blood circulation.

The traditional medicine in the fight against the deformation of the feet

Conclusion on the subject

Therefore, the conservative treatment of hallux valgus feet is possible with timely treatment to a specialist and the strict observance of all his recommendations.