Shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus

In the birth and in the first months of life of the children the foot looks very flat, but this does not indicate pathology. Protect the fragile infant bones from possible injury, the nature has provided infant the sole of the fat pad - supinatorom, prikryvayushchim arc. The process of resorption begins from the moment that the child is on his feet. Legs too weak to support the load and keep the balance, and trying to facilitate this task, the child behaves like a sailor on the deck of a ship - makes the legs wide and was a little swaying. This created preconditions for the emergence of the Val gusnogo flat feet when the pillar falls on the inner edge of the foot. Helps to avoid this children shoes orthopedic for hallux valgus of the foot.

shoes with hallux valgus

If the kids shoes orthopedic

When it becomes necessary orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus - baby the doctors claim that up to three years of age, while there is an active formation of muscles svyazochnoj and the skeletal system, and to put in children diagnosed with "Val gusnoe walk plan" is premature. Deformity of foot in children at this time is intermittent, the "floating" nature of all the tissues of the bones, muscles, ligaments have a high degree of flexibility, shrinks and extends with the same speed. As soon as strengthens the muscles, there is a spontaneous adjustment: the legs are in the right, the motion becomes steady and direct.

If a child grows up, and this does not happen in their time, watching their pediatrician sent the child along with the parents for a consultation with a podiatrist. When during the examination the expert finds the curvature constant of the exterior of a secondary axis that passes through the heel and connecting the foot with the lower part of the leg, put the final diagnosis.


Flat feet does not mean that the situation is incorrigible. Ploskoval'gusnaya deformation of the child's foot is not a sentence. If timely diagnosed, it can be conservative treatment and correction.

To this effect, the doctor assigned to:

  • Therapeutic massage and physiotherapy;
  • A course of physiotherapy: ozokerite, paraffin, mud applications;
  • Wearing shoes orthopedic.

The opinion of the doctors about what should be the shoes. Some experts believe that rigidly to the fixation of a child's foot, the shoes do hurt him, which makes it difficult to develop normally. Others believe that without this in any way it is impossible to do if you want to correct the imminent development of the deficiency.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. The child does not have to carry a podiatrist recommended shoes all the time: when given the opportunity to walk barefoot on earth, grass or pebbles on the banks of the river, this promenade is a wonderful tonic to the arch of the foot. But, in the hard city pavement, much better to walk with special shoes.

Bring him in early childhood, it is necessary not only because these shoes are fixes planned, but has not yet had time to form before the end of the defect, but also because in this moment, children have not attach importance to these notions, such as fashion and style, and in silence, without complexes are all that are offered to adults. Your task is to restore the correct formulation of the foot at the time that the child becomes a teenager, and wants to dress up and obuvat'sya in full compliance with the youth of fashion, which corresponds to the shoes orthopedic are not always.

Appointment of doctor for further treatment

Features shoes orthopedic

Shoe orthopedic to correct hallux valgus leave the child, different from the usual - the fact that it imposes more stringent requirements on the reliability of the fixation of the feet in the correct position, which casual shoes for not. For this reason, the manufacturers of supply:

  • Lightweight and flexible, soft but not exclusive;
  • A wide stable heel height of 0.5 to 1 cm.
  • Footbed supinatorom;
  • High elastic back and sides, creating a strong support for the ankle joint.

Fixation of the feet in the correct position is ensured by the drawstring, with zipper or reliable Velcro®. Only in the compliance of all these requirements, the shoes can be considered orthopedic.

This type of footwear in Russia is produced by some manufacturers. Make a choice should be guided primarily by the patient's doctor. Shoes or sandals must be made out of genuine synthetic leather in the child's foot will sweat and slide when walking. At the time of purchase, you should check not only the heel, but also the only one. In the front part should be more flexible in the back, hard. Shoes, the only thing that does not bend, or bends with difficulty, it is better not to buy - you child will be uncomfortable.

Produced, shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus is only suitable for those children who have relatively minor deviations from the norm. For more serious deformations of the store samples are not suitable. In this case, the shoes should be sewn in individually removed by a doctor standards in a workshop special, since only in this case, it is possible to take into account all deformation characteristics and to adjust them as accurately as possible.


Children's foot grows quickly, and when sandals or shoes become a small child, it should be immediately replaced. But in any case must not buy shoes orthopedic in ploskoval'gusnoj foot in children who can "grow". That must have been just exactly on the leg of the owner. Another thing is the use of too large shoes can cause damage.

In favour of and against

Elegant shoes orthopedic for child

That is to say, the opposite is true - those who are fundamentally opposed to the use of shoes corrective. Some believe that the use of orthopedic sandals and shoes which protects the foot artificially interferes with the natural strengthening of the bones and muscles of the foot, longitudinal and transversal arches. They believe that as the main cause of hallux valgus feet in children is the muscle weakness, and to overcome it is not necessary to fix the foot, and to pay more attention to the physical activity of the child: walking barefoot, lazaniyu in the wall bars, rope, Biking, swimming or dancing. And best of all, at the same time.

Many believe that casual shoes should not be arch support, like leaning into him, letting excessively relaxes, the loss of opportunities to train the muscles. In all these arguments there is a lot of truth, however, is not necessary so categorically to abandon Footwear orthopedic, much better to combine opposing points of view in a, which combines the benefits of exercise with the benefits of using shoes orthopedic.