Valgus deformation: causes, symptoms, treatment

Valgus foot deformities (hallux valgus), or, as they say, "bone" ("bump"), big foot, is fairly common in representatives of the beautiful sex.

Warp stop valgus (hallux valgus) - a disease, which if they suffer Joint, the first finger and the other fingers deformed. Wearing regular shoes due to disease is characterized by the inability of "pulse" that is accompanied nagging pain at the base of the thumb.

Valgus deformation

Hallux valgus symptoms:

  • a gradual increase in outward deviation of the thumb "bone";
  • the other foot deformation;
  • joint pain stop;
  • easy fatigue, foot;
  • difficulty with selection coloring.

Diagnostic methods:

  • examination, an orthopedic specialist;
  • radiography stop 3-x accesses;
  • stop the fingerprint to determine flat feet.

Symptoms: arthritis; gout; osteoarthritis of corruption.

The course of the disease

Valgus deformation develops slowly stop. What happened to the usual wear shoe size the first patient to complain of a difficult uncomfortable shoes, then feet pain, suffer until the end of the day if visible, first the fingers and toes. The foot bone that works with a cross-portion of substantially deformed flat feet forefoot. Base flattens him, and in the center of the protrusion; a place that occurs in painful calluses, largely difficult to walk; hammer rises up and generally getting in shape to the second finger (hammer finger)– bend open, it's not that twisted of Egypt. In general, the distortion lowers, the front section of the foot nerves and blood flow, and promote the development of arthritis.


  • if left untreated, the foot occurs continuously deformed joint, chronic pursuit;
  • re-structure the metatarsal.

Guessed. Small and timely treatment deformation, appearance, and restore joint function can stop you. In advanced cases, the pain may continue even after surgery.

Causes and prevention

The reason hallux valgus stop – transverse flat feet, genetic, endocrine disorders, osteoporosis. The basic weakness lies congenital disease, ligament and bone tissue opening, the development of flat feet. The deformation promotes development in the wrong shoes. Especially high heels and a narrow nose. Such a shoe leads to unbalanced load distribution, resulting in a ten foot section of falling again will occur, and this deformation region and developing osteoarthritis of thumb joint.


  • duztabanlik orthopedic examination for timely detection;
  • wearing rational painting (no nails, sharp nose, made from natural ingredients, high heel 7 cm);
  • wearing orthopedic insoles;
  • comply with with a professional long standing stay, work and rest.



An orthopedic specialist who stop treatment of hallux valgus. You need to go to the doctor the first signs of disease, deformity correction, so that it may be in the early stages of processes:

  • selection of orthopedic insoles
  • complex physical therapy appointment, duztabanlik that prevents the development of Physical Education.

A running form in the disease require surgery. An intervention osteotomy bone reconstruction with a complex that contains a few bones, feet, change of direction, and the first metatarsal bones phalanges the thumb as an axis.

To walk, completely trusting, feet, starting with the third week after surgery. In most cases, the treatment fail the 6th week after surgery, the patient returns for a normal life. Recovery time is 2-3 months.

"Leg bone"? Eliminate the problem

The pathologic processes often leads to uncomfortable wearing long heels foot. Weakened ligaments and muscles bone's inconsistency — this deviation has been called hallux valgus , what is popularly called "bone" or "shooting" leg. Then this process may affect the other toes, therefore it is highly recommended not to start es. So far, very effective methods for struggling with this problem.


Valgus deformity, toe — the most common disease, as it appears from the outside, deviation of curved fingers. Corn and corn also visible to the base, cause a feeling of pain, significantly more difficult, which makes walking and wearing shoes.

The reasons deformation

Pathology the front foot — just an aesthetic flaw. Valgus deformation of foot in all buildings with a number of changes:

  • defeat of the cartilage of the joint;
  • combo or transverse flat feet;
  • the curvature of the metatarsal bone.

Today surgical treatment of hallux valgus foot applied a variety of methods ("bone" to a foot). Their essence is usually correct in their position using the distance and metal bone fixation devices (plates, screws, etc.), remove, and process most of the times a very serious and traumatic, a long recovery period and denial, high heels. Modern developments, Orthopedics is a treatment that offers the most innovative and definitely traumatic!

Removing bone through the percutaneous foot surgery

Percutaneous correction of hallux valgus the big toe (hallux Valgus) — advanced forefoot and stable thumb and other physiological pathologies proposes a method in which a correction of the deformation, as a result, rapid rehabilitation and return to normal life as soon as possible.

All that matters is the ability of the foot percutaneous surgery — foot surgery immediately after the intervention, installation can continue to divide without internal fixation (osteosynthesis), bone fragments. Hard parts bandage finger phalanx, percutaneous surgery plays a very important role in playing. Unstable distal metatarsal and the lateral load required to early because the metatarsal head and under his influence to find the most ideal position.


Another excuse to make percutaneous surgery — painless congenital or acquired deformation or available stop. The representation of such defects is often largely psychological, an orthopedic problem, especially for patients with a young age. Traditional "open" surgery usually decides to similar tasks: the problem is caused by a defect in the formation of small more important, the more the original issue, scar, skin. Cosmetic defects can be detected as the rough stop method will allow you to resolve the percutaneous and.

"Percutaneous hallux valgus correction osteotomy technique provides stable thumb and physiological PBS without any artificial material, — says the doctor-plastic surgery and cosmetology Frau Klinik orthopaedic clinic Eugene Zaitsev. — The main difference that have been taken before percutaneous osteotomy techniques — whole rehabilitation period. There were no problems after surgery the patient metal structures, is fixed firmly in an elastic bandage to stop. Walking without crutches immediately after the surgery the foot and the full load is required only in the first two weeks it is recommended to wear special orthopedic shoes. 15-18 days after percutaneous osteotomy the patient back to a normal life is completely over."

The advantages of this method, treatment of hallux valgus:

  • outpatient treatment executed under anesthesia, the operation wire (number, etc., just stop);
  • the duration of the operation is approximately 15-20 min;
  • surgical manipulation of the small incisions with scars after the surgery and in no time produced on the skin;
  • ability to self-movement immediately after surgery;
  • their anatomical shape takes hold again, it will be completely destroyed, the sensation of pain;
  • also need stucco imposing artificial materials that are used for the correction of a missing patient who catches a new position that carries a special shoe after surgery 10-14 days;
  • high-heeled shoes will wear 3-6 month, after already holding the correction;
  • the results of the process are recorded in a lifetime.