The massage of the foot with valgus in a child

If you put the baby on the legs and try to give them a correct position, it will be clearly the appearance of the letter X in the shape of the curve. When valgus deformity of the foot and kids get tired quickly when walking and feel pain.

It will be the massage of feet valgus in children?

The diagnosis of hallux valgus foot of birth if there is reason to believe congenital. But the main risk are boys and girls of 10 months. When a child learns to walk and walk without help, when there is proper installation of the stop. It has already acquired the disease.

If the child gets tired quickly of walking, dragging your feet, you have a bad strange up, or, on the contrary, a step hesitantly, and only at the inner side of the foot, is an occasion for parents to reflect and to consult a specialist.

Causes of hallux valgus in children. Hallux valgus in children may develop in cases if it was:

  • fetal trauma;
  • there is no muscle tone;
  • there are a lot of weight;
  • for some reason, had twisted or injured ligaments.

If the child began to walk early, reduce or eliminate the period of crawling, or the parents abused the scrollbars, the disease can produce. The main cause of hallux valgus in children is initially mismatched shoes.

The reasons for the development of the foot deformity in children may be such as:

  • prematurity;
  • a small child's weight at birth;
  • a large number of colds, emigrated at the age of 2 months;
  • rickets.

It can be said, as congenital and acquired deformities. In any case, the treatment necessary.

Flat feet and hallux valgus of different things, to confuse them is not worth. Flat feet seen in children under the age of 6 years, and the reasons are very different processes in the body of the child.


The type of disease and its severity depends on the degree of curvature and the deviation from the norm.

If the degree of deviation is 10 %, then the disease is quick and easy to deal with. If the deviation is expressed in 20% the treatment will take more time. A drop of 30% can lead to a surgical intervention.

The treatment of this disease is long. The most important thing — to explain to the child the need to do so. We must do everything possible to make the child feel comfortable. It is important to develop a habit of interpreting different types of actions.

The main aim of the treatment is the transfer of the load on the ankle and at the same time to strengthen the knee. Strengthening of facilitating:

  • massage;
  • Exercise;
  • Cycling;
  • swimming pool;
  • diet (less weight reduces the load on the immature joints);
  • choosing the right footwear;
  • walking barefoot.

Doctors also prescribe a procedure:

  • salt baths;
  • coats for the legs;
  • of land;
  • electrophoresis.

Some procedures it is possible to do it at home. The salt is best to use sea. Wraps do well paraffin wax or pure wax. These procedures can be maintained in a beauty salon.

How to do massage?

How to make massage of feet valgus in children? The most effective treatment is a massage of the whole foot totally. There are certain rules of execution.

The massage is performed on a flat and hard surface, the child has to go to sleep on his stomach, placed under the limb with a roller.

Begin the back massage. The pressure at the press should gradually increase and then gradually decrease.


Then move to the bottom of the back, make the strokes from top to bottom, from the center to the sides. Then, the massage of the buttocks and make circular friction.

Then treated in the lower limb and foot. In the first place, it is necessary to dedicate a bit of time on the inside of the thighs and the lower part of the leg. During the massage need to massage the knee joint.

With the help of the vibration and stretching process of the lower part of the leg. In addition, the kneading of the feet. It is necessary to spend the maximum amount of time.

It is better to massage in the morning, so that during the day the child will feel more comfortable. When it comes to the handling we do not recommend use of any oils or creams.

After the massage is a physical therapy course. This reduces the curvature of the foot. It is necessary to bend and stretch the foot, rotate the feet, encourage your child to lift with the legs small objects, such as the pines, squat, climb from foot to foot, sitting in Turkish. It is very important to get the child to walk barefoot a lot better on a surface, ribbed, or in particular established strong lines. It is necessary to monitor the correct position of the legs and feet.

Need to do physical therapy several times a day. Some exercises that you can do in the water, which gives the load or, conversely, relaxes the muscles. And the water reduce the pain.

Prevention of the disease receives the appropriate combination of vitamins and minerals complexes. And the parents, should pay attention to correct position of the foot of the child, and a perfect posture. The shoes should be chosen with care. A very narrow, difficult can lead to strain.