When ploskovalgusnyh the steps of the children reduced the height of the arches of the foot and deforms its axis. With this look towards the outside of the heel and fingers, and remarked, "cursu semper" of the middle Department in such a way that if you look at the feet from above, they look like the letter "X". this phenomenon is called on medicine valgus deformity.

Cause valgus installation stop by underdevelopment of the child's feet, which are deformed under the weight of your body. There was a decrease and flattening of the arch lengthwise of the foot, leading to its claudicatio with the inner part. At the same time, there is a slight shift of the previous one. Is X in the form of feet. The fact that the baby PLANO-valgus installation stop, parents may notice when the baby tries to take its first steps. Therefore, it is very important to determine the cause of the problem and to buy for your child quality shoes size.

The disease is characterized by insufficient muscle tone in both legs. Foot supports the whole body, as a kind of "Foundation", which in addition to the expected, the deformation are also ankle. If you ignore the treatment, in the knee joints there are also changes negative. In addition, there is a great risk that the basin will have a wrong position, and disrupted posture. Can stamine legs and the axis of the spine. Due to the large loads to which they are exposed muscles, there is a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis.

The reasons for the development

Ploskovalgusnuyu deformation of the stop trigger all sorts of reasons. Pathology can be congenital or acquired. If it is discovered in a child under 3 years old, then we can talk about your fetal development. In older children 4-5 years of age, the causes of the pathology of the other, but that just set their will only by a doctor qualified after necessary examinations. Among the most common are the following:

  • The genetic predisposition.
  • Weak muscle tissue of the tibia and the ligaments, which are not in force to ensure the correct formulation of the foot.
  • The inactivity of the child.
  • Uncomfortable and an unsuitable children's shoes of poor quality. Parents must understand that the use of shoes too soft, flat, or single premium, which is anatomically repeats the shape of the foot, it is very harmful for the baby.
  • Frequent colds, as well as bacterial or infectious diseases.
  • Injuries or mechanical damage to the feet.
  • Endocrine diseases, including diabetes and thyroid disease, triggers excessive weight or not enough weight.
  • Rickets affecting the bone destructive influence and calling them weak and brittle.
  • Improper diet, have a negative impact on the whole body.
  • The deficiency of calcium and other minerals beneficial vitamins.

The main symptoms and stage of the disease

Of the most evident symptoms that should alert parents, are insecure and clumsy gait of a small child, to drag the feet in walking. The child gets tired very quickly after walking because walking, he comes on foot, but only on its internal face. After a time it becomes noticeable that the foot adopts X-shaped.


Almost all of these symptoms occur in children who begin to learn to walk. Once the child acquires the skills necessary to walk, these symptoms generally disappear by themselves. But if the baby long walks alone, and the symptoms continue to occur, parents should pay attention. In this case, do not panic, but to see a doctor to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

Depending on how severe the disease and the degree of deformity, the doctor will determine the degree of development of the disease:

  • when the degree of deviation of 10-15 we are talking about the degree of pathology that respond well to the treatment;
  • a little more difficult will be the treatment if a deviation from the norm is in the range of 15-20 degrees;
  • long-term treatment suggests a pathology in which the degree of deviation from the norm is 20-30;
  • if the angle of deviation exceeds the figure of 30 years, the child awaits treatment in the long term. In some cases, if the treatment is not produced the expected improvements you can apply the surgery to repair the defect of the stop.

In babies with flat-valgus foot is often the development of flatfoot. In some cases, may develop pathology in which a member is made shorter than the other.


Before you start the treatment of valgus deformation of the stop of the child, the doctor should conduct appropriate diagnosis. In addition to initial visual inspection, you will need plantography and x-rays in 3 planes. Also required is an ultrasound of the joints. It should be noted that the valgus symptoms similar with the symptoms of gout and osteoarthrosis. The parents, in any case, should not think that valgus are not necessary to treat and the disease will disappear by itself. Normally the treatment is done at home and is being carried out: Methods

  • massage treatments;
  • carry out specific therapeutic exercises:
  • bring correctly chosen shoes orthopedic or templates.

The popular methods for the treatment of PLANO-foot valgus in children is considered to be the physical therapy. This file often applied one of its species – electromyostimulation. Its essence is in the application of electrodes on the problem areas and, then, connect the weak current, the strength of which stimulates the muscles. This procedure is usually carried out once in six courses comprising 7 to 12 assessment procedures.

Particularly difficult cases may require an osteotomy of the surgery. Statistically, it is conducted in 7% of children with a diagnosis similar.

Doctor about the disease

How dangerous pathology — valgus deformation of foot in children? Something well-known pediatrician and the former Soviet Union and author of numerous works on topics related to children's health, believes that the disease is not serious, and dangerous, because when prescribed correctly, the therapy can be treated effectively. If the time to pay attention to the fact that the child there are such deviations and to contact the doctor to correct the defect is possible. It is important not to delay the treatment and put into practice all the recommendations and prescriptions of the attending doctor.

To eliminate the risk of development of valgus flat foot in the child, I advise you to not try to teach a baby to stand up before time, step by step, taking into account all the stages of development. Teach baby to walk, it is necessary to not before 7 months. Because until that age a great burden for the child's locomotor apparatus is contraindicated.

Also, a doctor warns parents that try to auto-correct the visible defect should not do it, because the result can be disastrous. The treatment of the disease must be under the supervision of a qualified orthopedist or pediatrician. In addition to the most common treatments and massages, it is desirable that in the summer, has been in the grass or the rocks barefoot. Parents who are afraid that their child may damage the foot when the walk in the nature, you can buy in a pharmacy special Mat, that helps a lot in the good development of the child foot.


Parents have to constantly monitor the condition of the feet of their children. It is important that you regularly inspect them, especially paying attention to the redness, blisters and other damage. Alarms it is considered that any change in the progress of the baby. To exclude the development of valgus of the foot and other diseases, children shoes should be comfortable, soft and of great quality, with a single premium. It is advisable to buy templates for orthopedic.

During the first year of life, it is very important that the child had the necessary amount of vitamin D, which is a great preventative measure against rickets. In addition, for children very useful are the sun, that can not be ignored in the summer. An important role in the prevention of feet valgus in children belongs to the physical exercise. It improve the immune system, muscles, and bones. prevention

It is desirable that, during the summer period, the child went to the sea: very useful for him, except the sea air, is to walk through the sand and pebbles. In addition, there was a charge of vivacity and health to all the following year. Thus, when a child has a special ball, and an orthopedic pad that are regularly used to perform simple exercises for the feet.

If the diagnosis is made, are required to make regular checks, the doctor, carrying out of massage procedures, perform special charging and use of the recommended special shoes that are sold in medical equipment stores.