Massage for hallux valgus in children: how to make

Valgus deformity of the foot orthotics is a special setting of the feet in which on the background of the reduction of the height of the arch is curved the Central axis of the tibia, and the lower extremities become X-shaped form. Massage for hallux valgus in children and adults included in the mandatory set of remedial measures.

The disease more often to buy, but in babies it can be of an innate nature. The child is at the age of one year, when the baby reaches his feet and begins to walk. Timely examination of orthopedic and parents implementation of recommendations to prevent the consequences (incorrect posture, arthrosoarthritis the ankle and knee joints, osteoporosis).

Known doctor E. O. Komarovsky believes that the deformation of the foot in childhood can be overcome in the school.

Massage and gymnastics with valgus and flat-valgus foot deformities in children

Type of curvature with valgus and flat-valgus foot are flat feet save in the latter case. Both are characterized by an "obstruction" heels towards the inside, focusing on the first metatarsal bone and the front part of the cover. Technique effects on the muscle group of the same.


Massage if you change the structure of the feet of the child are particularly effective under two years of age. Babies flatfoot is a physiological symptom. As well developed and formed for independent movement of the muscles and bones of the feet, of course, when the baby gets up and makes the first steps.

Children recommended a General tonic body massage. Parents do it every day after the hygiene procedures. Light stroking motion to help the baby to feel your body, develop your back, to avoid the divergence of the longitudinal muscles of the abdomen and hernia.

Massage of feet valgus in children the special equipment. Experienced masseur knows what muscle groups need more support.

The therapeutic effect is assigned gymnastics exercises. It is expected that the effects of the treatments:

  • strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle, especially important in the inner side;
  • the removal of excess tension in the legs, relaxation from the outside;
  • improving the circulation of blood in the lower extremities;
  • restoring the balance between the adductor and abductor muscles;
  • strengthen ligaments and bones;
  • proper growth and development of the lower extremities.

The treatment involves massage of all muscle groups, providing the function of movement: back, buttocks, lumbosacral area, hips, and inner and outer sides, knee and ankle, Achilles tendon.

To strengthen the muscles in doctors recommend simple exercises:

  • collection fingers small items;
  • a ride in a special Mat, the shingle;
  • mount a foot on the ball, a dimpled surface;
  • getting up from a sitting position in Turkish.

Important point: it is established that the child, the body is able to restore the tone of the weakness of the muscles in the inner side of the foot and eliminate the hypertonicity of the external ligaments and muscles. This happens with the support of reflex massage.

At the age of two years is used on its own massage. The doctors believe that this option is the most optimal for combination with simple exercises and passive exercise therapy performed by the parents. The baby is not yet able to learn the accurate execution and correct loading.

massage technique

The former group of children actively participate in physical therapy in the group, which comply with the requirements of the instructor. It is recommended to expand the area of massage. From the impulses of the muscles go through the spinal cord, and the state of the spine is of great importance, which connects the massage on the back and the spine.

The exhibition and the technique of massage

In the treatment of children do not apply hard and painful impact. Techniques of massage movements are effleurage, rubbing, light color.

Areas to consider are:

  1. Re — start with a stroking from the waist to the neck, from a flower to go to something more tangible. Finish with a gentle welcome.
  2. Buttock, stroking and rubbing is performed in a circular motion from the center to the periphery, a light Pat promotes a rush of blood to the area massage.
  3. Legs — manipulation starts from the thigh to the tibia to the posterior part of the surface, the child turns over on his back, and the massage of the front surface.
  4. Feet hit first the sole of the heel to the toes. Then, in a circular motion take the form of figures 8. I ended up doing the heel.

Parents better learn how to massage the baby. You can buy the "Tutorial" and drawings master the techniques needed. For practice, the most useful lesson of experience as a massage therapist. Child write for therapy, to actively observe and learn the technique.

The Internet is a very appropriate video development techniques.

Useful skills

To perform correctly a foot massage to a child with hallux valgus are able to parents at home. Slowly emerging skills and understanding with the child.

Physiotherapists suggest after a massage to play with the baby, while jointly to perform exercises therapeutic 5-6 times:

  • flexion and extension of the ankle;
  • gently rotate the foot in different directions;
  • "catch" your feet a little toy.

The kids swim. You need to use a good mood and spend a set of exercises in the shower.

Ads massagers doctors do not like. The device works on batteries or from the network. Modes to choose exactly impossible. The impact of the poorly controlled. On the contrary, with your hands feel the muscle tension in some areas. For older inquisitive children any technique is dangerous.

General guidelines

Parents are advised to follow the advice of experienced professionals:

  • procedure when deformed foot run every day in the morning, before you bathe or go to sleep, the child, the body gets used to the modality and configured to the care;
  • if the baby refuses to massage, to cry, better to wait and choose the most appropriate time;
  • the combination of bathing, exercise, improve the therapeutic effect;
  • you must always start from the position of the baby in the womb, feet better positioned so that they hung on to the surface of the Desk or on the sofa, where the baby is lying;
  • not yet mastered the technique, you can limit the stroke of the legs and the back;
  • do not use sharp or pressing movements, they scare the baby;
  • time for massage treatments are selected individually, a necessary condition — the child must be active, cheerful and good mood.

The massage should be carried out only in healthy children. If the child developed symptoms of respiratory disease or fever of the eruption of another tooth, the procedure is postponed. The pediatrician named drugs for the relief of the disease.

foot massage

Their behavior help the child to understand that you are her protection and love. Dr. Komarovsky advises that children two years and older to buy a bike. The pressure on the pedals — perfect massage in the complex of measures for the correction of valgus foot.


In the room where the massage, should be the optimum temperature for undress the child. Requires compliance with the mode of ventilation. When the weather is hot, unacceptable location near a fan or air conditioning.

The baby's skin is smeared with a special cream or oil. At the time of purchase in a pharmacy it is necessary to check if a cream of massage for the age of the baby.

The young man has to explain that it won't hurt, calm the fear.

Step by step guide to massage for hallux valgus

Instruction for beginners involves alternating sequence of actions of massage:

  • put your baby on her stomach, with a baby changing table or a massage at the feet, should be at the edge;
  • bottom of the legs slightly elevated with a pillow if a pillow;
  • start the massage with a light effleurage of the back along the spine from the waist up to the neck, then move to caress the chest from the center to the cavities of the armpits;
  • to make rubbing these areas with the fingers;
  • in a circular motion, massage the buttocks (to stroke, RUB, lightly stretch the muscles, in the end, it is easy to Pat and stroke);
  • feet first stroke from the heel to the buttocks, then began to massage her thighs from the popliteal fossa upward and outward, receiving snippets of doing multiple fingers knead the back surface, and end up making;
  • foot massage in the area of the tip and heel (movements in the form of "eight"), knead the arc, each finger has the right and slightly forward;
  • stroking is performed sequentially from the toes in the sole at the ankle joint, from the foot to the knee, when treating of the inner face to increase the pressure of the force;
  • to activate the child again, rubbing the skin of the legs from the bottom, pay attention to the dorsum of the foot;
  • Pat with palms and complete strokes.

Baby massage from 3 years

Children 3 years old or more are allowed to carry out advanced massage. Change the placement of the feet require more intensive effects on the muscles. Frequency of the procedure is as in a younger age, twice a day. The technique of movements include increased exposure.


The sequence of execution:

  • the baby is placed on the massage table in position on the abdomen, feet pointing down, or to attach the bottom of the leg pillow;
  • from the back, to caress, rub, "cutting" edge of his hand;
  • the lumbosacral area is struck and knead vigorously, then conduct gentle stroking of the spine to the ribs;
  • the area of the buttocks to stroke, knead and Pat in a circular movement;
  • the femur and tibia, stroking and rubbing at the inner and outer surfaces;
  • the foot extends to the front and the central part of the bow, pull on each finger.

Features of foot massage

The position of the baby must be comfortable. All the movements are in the direction from bottom to top and from centre to periphery. To keep your feet at the disposal of massage to use laying on my belly hanging off the table, and the feet, or to attach a cushion (pillow) under the tibia.

Following movements: effleurage → sawing → kneading → pinching → Pat → Pat.

You must always start from the spine, the muscles of the back, then move on to the buttocks, thighs, shins, feet. The inner part of the calf muscle warming up for more active movements. Vigorously RUB the muscles around the ankles.

At the age of 7 years are permissible methods of cutting, striking movements, stronger patting and pinching. Procedure duration gradually increases from five to 15 minutes.

The efficiency of massage increases if it is combined with physical therapy, physiotherapy, the use of footwear orthopedic. The combination of the impact helps to keep the child's leg in the correct position.

Where to find a specialist?

At home practiced with the realization of physical therapy, walk in special of the carpet, and bathrooms. Not all parents decide on their own to perform the massage, get to know the deformation of the foot of the baby.


Specialists in technically correct to carry out the procedure, has in each children's clinic, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, private clinics. If parents need a travel masseuse at home, one must look on the Internet and ads in Newspapers, asking about the paid services is a private pediatric clinic.

Easier to invite a friend of the employee, the only associated with medicine. In health care institutions follow the education and training of employees.

If the resource person refuses or pulls with the provision of documents on the specialization, experience, do not mess with this man, despite the fact that it is a medical uniform and the hat. Now courses can take anything, anyone, but the experience of working with children accumulated practice.

The duration of the therapy

On average, a full course of massage 12 procedures. Podiatrist assigns breaks and re-treatment, depending on the degree of deformity and the age of the child. In general, the range is 2-4 weeks.

Massage in the complex treatment of children with valgus deformity indispensable method to recover the tone of the muscle-ligamentous apparatus. Proper treatment helps to eliminate problems in the future of the child.