The bones of the legs

Appeared the bone on the thumb on the first called the attention only default aesthetic. But the problem is much more serious than it may seem at first glance.


At the onset of the disease is without symptoms especially: affected occur at the end of the day, the pain in the foot, which attributed to the usual fatigue. Foot treatment at this stage comes to relaxing foot baths and rubbing various oils in the foot. These actions really bring relief and reduce discomfort.

In two weeks, along with swollen at the site of the future of the os "pleases" the eye with its appearance, the curvature of the gold.

The bones of the legs

Doctors divide the disease into several stages:

  1. Changes in the shape of the bottom of the legs are barely noticeable, and are reduced to the degradation of the appearance of: redness, small outgrowth or callus.
  2. Stage is characterized by pain that appears from time to time – it hurts the bone of the leg. The shape of the foot continues to change, the bumps stick out more and more.
  3. The disease is in poor condition. The big toe deviates very much during the progress of the difficulties, the selection of the shoes becomes a problem. The deformation is pronounced, it reaches the great size of the bones of the legs.
  4. Bother almost relentless pain in the joints. Thumb twisted and "lies" on other fingers.

The first phase of the disease can be successfully treated with traditional methods. The more the disease started, the more determined the necessary measures to get rid of him.

Bone walk - the reasons for

In fact, the bones of the legs this disease is called in the world of medicine valgus deformity of the big toe. And like any other illness has its symptoms, causes, complications and treatment.

The fairer sex is more susceptible to occurrence of fewer problems than men. This is explained by the greater strength and elasticity of ligaments of the male. Men feet valgus is often a consequence of trauma.

Very different things in women. A great role in the appearance of the bones in the toes heredity plays a: my mother and my grandmother, who have appeared repeatedly in the legs, will probably be awarded with a similar disease daughter and the granddaughter.

The inheritance is not always essential in the appearance of the bones in the fingers. Often, the disease arises as a consequence of another disease.

The reasons for the growth of the bones of the foot:

  1. Inherits the structure of the foot.
  2. Acquired diseases: bursitis, flat feet, arthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic diseases, poliomyelitis.
  3. Excess of high heel, door shoes uncomfortable.
  4. Excess body weight increases the load on the bones of the foot.
  5. The injury.
  6. Developed, weak ligaments and muscles of the legs.

How to treat a bone in the foot

ortopedicheskii methods

Ways to get rid of the bone at the moment, there is a huge amount. This orthopedic products, popular recipes, surgical methods. At any stage of the disease correctly chosen tactics of pitting on the legs will be productive.

Orthopedic methods

Orthopaedic products includes: insoles, arch supports, interdigital rollers, special shoes, splints.

In the initial phase of the appearance of the bones in the fingers of the feet this treatment as efficiently as possible.

Templates normalize the position of the feet, to distribute the load evenly. Its use removes the extra "burden" of the legs and the spine. The appearance of the templates is very attractive: they are thin, can be applied to any Shoe. The effect of using templates for orthopedic, bought at random, are minimal. This remedy is selected individually to your foot doctor.

Templates and interdigital rollers for pitting visually align the foot, evenly distribute the load of the forefoot.

Corrective splint is the most effective method of the removal of the bone in the foot. She always wore the tires even in the third stage of the disease provides a gradual restoration of the structure of the foot. The bus is also used after surgery to remove the bones, as a means to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

A small deformation of the foot, successfully lends itself to the correction of orthopedic shoes. Especially effective these shoes to prevent bunions in the foot in the child and in the early stages of the disease.

Surgical methods

Arch supports

In the case of severe pain, when conservative methods fail and the patient's quality of life is considerably reduced because the bones of the feet surgical treatment. Also, when the disease has reached the stage IV of development to remove a bone of the leg is the only radical way with the operation. Contraindications for correction surgery are obesity, serious diseases, somatic diseases of the heart and blood vessels. For the removal of bunions on the foot there are many types of operations. The number surgery ways to remove the bone of the leg currently, there are about 150.

Treatment of bunions at the foot of the house

Folk medicine for many centuries has been enriched with a large number of recipes for fixing the bones of the legs and treatment at home. The most widely recommendations for the use of alcohol tincture of iodine:

  • In the alcohol tincture of iodine (10 ml) add 5 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. When the aspirin has dissolved, the iodine will become clear (approximately 24 hours). For the night to smear the solution, put on warm socks. Do the procedure daily for three weeks. Pain in the bones of the foot, slowly disappeared, there will be no recovery.
  • Mix the grated rind of a large lemon with two tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and ten milliliters of an alcohol tincture of iodine. Lubricate with a mixture of bone, tie it with a food film and to insulate with wool socks. Carry out the procedure 3 days in a row, then a break for 7 days. Repeat 2 more times. To enhance the effect of the recommended diet vegetarian.
  • During the month, the daily steamed legs with water, massage the affected part with soap and liberally smeared with tincture of iodine.

Remember that self-medicate, you need to be very careful. It is better to ask for help! These tips popular medicine has not been tested by the author in practice, so we can't guarantee a solution.

If you know proven methods, describe them in the comments to the article, so you will be able to help you with their Advice.

Prevention of the bones of the legs

Measures the warning appearance of the bones of the foot, based on the knowledge of the causes of the disease. Prevention of the disease lies in the following:

Correct the tire

Traditional medicine has a long this disease when the growth of the bone of the foot and what to do about it is not a rhetorical question without an answer. The science is very well aware of the reasons why there is a bone of the foot and how to treat it. Many well-studied techniques will allow you to quickly get rid of the disease.

  • keep the body weight normal;
  • wearing comfortable and high quality shoes;
  • a balanced diet with sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals (the most important are the calcium and vitamin E);
  • gymnastics and massage, especially if there is a genetic predisposition to the appearance of the disease;
  • prevention of failures in the functioning of the endocrine system.