hallux valgus deformity in orthopedics is called the characteristic curvature of the foot with eversion at the sides and jutting out of the bone at the base of the thumb. Pathology is found in children and adults. Changes associated with uncompensated flat pedes. In a first-degree alterations, orthopedic footbed with hallux valgus deformation helps to keep the muscles and ligaments the bones of the arch to the situation physiological and is used to correct the deviations.

Development of the disease in a child depends on the patient run parents to medical appointments (massage, gymnastics therapy, physiotherapy). Adult patients also have to wear shoes orthopedic. Insoles-arch supports (orthoses) are part of the product, play an important role in the choice of the right version of shoes, boots, boots.


the appearance of orthotic insoles

The main point of support of the foot is the heel area of the little finger and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. If observed physiologically normal load axial of the body, the foot is not deformed, and performs its function of cushioning when walking. Not all people have the ligaments and muscles of the foot and leg are equally developed. This is revealed in the children, independent steps of a child.

The first manifestation of the flattening of the arch. Then, under the pressure of divergent tarsal bone, to widen the intervals between them. Baby reflex is starting to lean to the inner part of the foot and the fingers are constantly twisted to the side of the sole.

Adult primary manifestation in addition to foot plan is a strong deviation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint to the center of the body, and the phalanx of the thumb towards the little finger. Manifests lump painful (Halus valgus), which makes it impossible to wear shoes that cause pain, cramps.

The objective of the templates for hallux valgus of the foot is a restoration of the normal position of the bone bases, the creation of support for the weakened muscles and ligaments.


In children the feet are deformed after years under the influence of a premature load, rickets, metabolic disease, genetic weakness of the ligamentous and muscular system, injuries.

For an adult, typical reasons are:

  • door narrow shoes with high heels;
  • weight;
  • injuries (sprains, strains) in the area of the arch of the foot;
  • congenital muscle weakness;
  • metabolic disorders in pathology of endocrine.

Distinguish hallux valgus deformation in function of the causes, in the International statistical classification provided by ICD code:

  • when the innate nature of 66 Q (66.5 Q - flat foot, Q 66.6 - with hallux valgus deformity);
  • acquire the disease - M 21.0 more common in adults and adolescents after trauma;
  • M 21.9 - with clear reason.

The formation of the foot of the AD is relevant and the type of flatfoot:

  • longitudinal - causes the elongation of the foot, club foot (varus curvature), wears the same shoes inside and outside;
  • the cross is the most common form, the foot becomes wider, the first finger at a side;
  • or a combined longitudinal-transverse is a rare form that combines the characteristics of both types.
the manifestation of the disease

Necessary templates are selected according to the degree and type of flatfoot.


The purpose of hallux valgus templates, which implies a podiatrist, is to bring the arch of the foot in the correct state. Constant correction is complementary to massage, morning exercises therapeutic exercises for the muscles, physiotherapy.

Anti-hallux opposition help to fix muscle imbalance in children and stop the destruction of the articulating surfaces in adults. Templates serve as a coach.

In patients notes:

  • the reduction of the load on the feet;
  • restoration of blood flow in the vessels of the lower limbs;
  • disappearance of pain and fatigue;
  • the increase in physical activity.

Therefore, it is crucial to use of orthoses for the prevention of aggravation of the flat feet:

  • pregnant;
  • elderly;
  • patients with diabetes and excess weight.

Template shows the people in the profession long forced to remain in feet.


the design of the templates

In the design of orthotics include:

  • the inner layer that is located on the side of the sole;
  • the instep (the pelota) in the area of the arch of the foot;
  • the depth of the bone of the heel;
  • metatarsal pad to support the transverse arch;
  • thickening insert wedges in different places.

Given the parts are combined in a rigid frame or a frameless soft construction. Previous templates (tab) is not in the incomplete models.

For the manufacture of the materials used:

  1. Natural leather, cork, wool, velvet, wool, felt.
  2. Artificial - silicone, gel, or latex, based on foaming agents to create individual products, plastic hygienic properties, artificial leather, metal.

It is often used in the production of combination (pastry) - the skin with the face, plastic frame, metallic inserts. Standard products are produced by the casting method or sealed according to the specified parameters of anatomical. From the material depends on the stiffness of the orthosis.

Doctor's recommendation:

  • for the prevention of pregnancy or the first signs of a flat foot are suitable insoles of leather tube, foaming material;
  • in excess weight a good correction is accomplished with a rigid plastic;
  • people with diabetes need double layers of product with a soft covering of felt or leather;
  • a rigid framework required to carry not more than six hours a day for patients with severe deformity;
  • frameless products are needed in the professions related to the increase of the load on the legs, athletes.

The best are the templates suitable for a greater ease and comfort.

Additional requirements:

  • hygienic, convenient maintenance;
  • sufficient air circulation;
  • insulation in the cold.

Standard templates conform to the size of the Shoe, when attached to the interior is based on the toe and the heel. Produced mini-products. Shown in the early stages of hallux valgus deformity. Its advantages are determined by the form:

  • tear - to protect the first metatarsal bone, eliminate the increase of muscle tone are applied to correct disorders of degree;
  • half of the heart, especially for the transverse arch of the foot has a pad of comments at the top;
  • half to high-heel shoes worn by women who do not want to abandon fashionable shoes and high heels.

WHAT to consider WHEN BUYING?

The buyer has the option to purchase option: purchase of a ready-made standard template or to make an order for the production of individual products in accordance with the parameters of the feet. You must pay attention to the following points:

  • guidance on the types of shoes - correct foot involved the total impact, so you need to consult the manual, what products it is recommended to wear orthoses (requirements model, shoes or boots, sports or daily use);
  • the presence of the structure and the material from which is manufactured, good properties of different plastic frame (depreciation, deduction of the position of the feet);
  • the stability of the fixation of the arch and the big toe when it is impossible to rotate towards the inside or towards the outside;
  • the pad is located in the thumb area - reduces the load on the metatarsophalangeal joint, prevents the growth of cones;
  • the thickness of the product - to the front of the watered-down in comparison with the heel.
the result after applying the template

The template is selected by the length of the foot. In the skin there should be no gap. In these places is friction and blisters.

The most practical are products made of natural materials, and the paste of leaf is made individually. The price is determined by the quality of the workforce.

Experts recommend not to buy the product on the market in shady stops without the corresponding certification. Safer to make a purchase in orthopedic salons, shops. Shopper will answer all your questions, help you choose the best model.


Varieties of inserts, arch supports differ in the method of manufacture of the form. Depending on the production:

  1. The final product is suitable for people with initial signs of deformation, can be purchased at the pharmacy, specialized stores. The default settings are not for everyone. The most comfortable insoles made of polymers with memory effect. The change in the process of use, adapt to the way real.
  2. Individual - recommended by doctors for the treatment of hallux valgus deformity.

The form of the comments:

  • size corresponding to the length of the sole;
  • half-templates - remove the front part, ideal for open shoes;
  • pulvillos calcaneum - the heel hold, which is bent towards the inside;
  • the loyalty to the thumb.

Age features:

  1. Pediatric orthoses - always combined with shoes orthopedic.
  2. Adults - suitable for elderly people, in the health professionals of the burdens of feet to relieve fatigue.

According to the testimony of distinguished the correctors:

  • preventive maintenance the effects of arch support cushions absorbs the load when walking, a Shoe almost invisible;
  • treatment and prevention - a much better record of the extremities, are applied in closed-toe shoes;
  • medical - are appointed by the orthopedist in conjunction with other treatment methods, is equipped with a hard frame.


The longitudinal flat feet is accompanied by the alignment of the arch, lengthening of the foot. The pain is felt when pressing on the environment. In the template provides elevation of the inner face.


When transverse flatfoot deformity in the toe. The leg close to a conical Shoe. Suitable semi-template or a special type with a rubber coupler. It is mounted in the region of the metatarsal bones.


Combined items require fixing both of the arches and the heel, said cushions to support a deviation of the big toe.


The optimal parameters of the product - a complete reflection of the problems of the forms of foot.

Individual orthopedic insole made in workshops by the rules or pre-cast of the foot. Specialists are able to customize a standard piece of plastic under the individual circuits. The method is applied for the selection of children's orthoses.

The deformation in function of the child - the presence of flatfoot longitudinal type. So templates, is complemented by the structures that affect the arc longitudinal. When the longitudinal-transverse form of the disease have focused on three points of support, the reduction of the pressure on the heel.

Since the development of the legs of the person change, we recommend changing the templates of adult patients with flat feet every 2 years and in the case of hallux valgus strain every 6 - 12 months. A mandatory pre-consultation of the doctor.


After the purchase of the templates must be familiar with care instructions. The useful life varies according to the engine of the activity of a person, real weight, the fly. The first layer diffuse, made of wool, velvet. The framework does not change, it retains utility.

To remove impurities, it is proposed to clean the surface with a damp cloth with soap or a brush. Forbidden to rinse with fresh water jet machine and washed, drying on a radiator.

If the Shoe inserts got wet in the rain, wipe and let it dry in the air without the light of the sun. Daily you have to remove the products of the Shoe, let it dry for the night.


For lovers of everything to do with your hands here is a brief introduction to the fabrication of the arch support on the basis of the templates of the old shoes:

  1. Step on it bare foot, it marks the point of contact between I and II fingers, here in a stick of the thickness of the block of size 1.5 cm
  2. To select the right height of the pile to fall under the arc of tissue or cotton wool to the feeling of support. Secure with glue, sticky tape.
  3. To make a drawing of the top of cotton fabric and glue the fillets on top of the already secure device.
  4. The outline of craftsmen suggest to flash product thread.