Shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus

One of the most frequent causes of treatment in a podiatrist is a wrong stop. Many children discover valgus deformity. This is a condition in which the heels are thrown to the outside, and the foot is inclined towards the inside. To correct the situation will help you to shoes orthopedic for children. When hallux valgus is present in salvation.

Diagnosis of the problem

Shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus

The most frequent diagnosis, which is expressed by the podiatrist in his office, is a PLANO-valgus installation stop. Parents can suspect the problem, if you know what is different about these children. In children with PLANO-valgus deformity is a note that the heel and the toes deviate outward, but the middle part of the foot falls. In the standing position, you realize that the child's legs form the letter "X". Usually parents pay attention to the shoes that quickly wear out. Unique eroded and deformed on the inside.

Often, these boys and girls:

  • complain of pain in the legs, indicating the area of the feet and the knees;
  • it is characterized by a great fatigue.

Some are in the evening to appear swelling in the area of the ankles and feet. The situation can be corrected only in the case that the father comes to the orthopedist and will implement all its recommendations. Often, doctors prescribe massage, physiotherapy. And to adjust the formulation and to consolidate the result should help shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus. But it is also necessary to be able to choose the most appropriate.

Causes of the deformation of the stop

Causes of the deformation of the stop

Many parents think about the need of footwear orthopedic for children with hallux valgus. Images of the feet of the adults that have left a curvature will help you decide. If the parents do not want that the child suffers from constant pain in the legs when you are great, the best time to participate in the correction of this problem. You must understand that the development of valgus installation stop can result in:

  • congenital disease, poor heredity, certain genetic disorders, dysplasia;
  • purchase problems: rickets, leg injury early in the foot, improper footwear first.

In congenital problems of treatment begins before the moment in which the child begins to walk. And deformities acquired in the majority of cases occur due to negligent attitude of parents in the selection of shoes. Bought baby sandals with a soft heel, with irregular flat footbed. This leads to the fact that fragile ligaments can't hold the child's weight when walking and the ankle collapses under the weight of the child. To the same effect, and in the early use of a Walker.

The rules of selection

The rules of selection

Parents, faced with the problem of the installation to leave their child should know what to look for when choosing sandals or shoes. Shoes orthopedic in valgus installation stop for children must meet certain criteria. Among them:

  • a high and solid heel;
  • thick side walls that can have the foot in position;
  • rigid fixation of the foot;
  • the presence of special insoles orthopedic.

The shoes are made with a small heel – about 0.5 cm on sale you can find models with Velcro or laces. We understand that orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus you can not just be the snake. Parents should be the ability to control your volume. There are children who have the legs tight enough, they fit almost any model. And skinny kids legs in sandals is hanging like a pencil in a box. Should be to tighten the Velcro or laces so that the shoes or sandals is adjusted to the ankle and foot.

That may change with the regular use the right shoes

Everyone knows that a needed expensive orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. The comments confirm that many parents refuse to buy it because of the high cost. But, even so, it is desirable to try to allocate funds from the family budget to buy a good quality shoes. If you do not listen to the recommendations of the orthopedist and ignore their advice about the choice of footwear, you can find this kind of problems:

  • flat feet;
  • the shortening of the limb;
  • the curvature of the spine;
  • a high rate of injuries.

Of course, some children "beat" this problem. With time, the ligaments of a child are strengthened, and the leg aligned. But this doesn't happen at all.

Types of shoes orthopedic

Types of shoes orthopedic

If the problem the baby was discovered at an early age, to help fix the situation in the series orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. Many companies produce models for both very young children and adults alike. You can find sandals, boots, winter boots. There are models with increased or normal heel. But selecting the option need to only together with the podiatrist.

In addition, the series of the shoes can be bought only in case that the deformation is lower. It can also be used in situations in which the child has a genetic predisposition to the installation of the stop or the weakness of the ligamentous apparatus.

Requirements for footwear orthopedic

Leading manufacturers make only high quality products. But the cost for many high. As well, parents who are looking for cheaper models, you should know what requirements must comply with shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus.

Requirements for footwear orthopedic

In addition to the usual recommendations, according to which the shoes should be rigid and secure fixing of the leg to draw the necessary attention in these moments. Quality orthopedic models:

  • made of leather;
  • equipped with thick soles made of non slip material;
  • equipped with a Thomas heel, which should compensate for the slope of the middle section of the foot to the inner side.

You must understand that in appearance might be different orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus. Winter shoes, usually equipped with a heavier sole. The shoes look more three-dimensional, due to the presence in the interior of the insulation. But all the shoes orthopedic are different from the ordinary in appearance. Due to its special design, hard side wall and the thickness of the heel.

Choice templates

When choosing sandals or shoes pay attention also to the need of the item that should maintain a good arch of the foot of the child. There are several types of orthotic insoles. Each one of them is used in certain problems.

Choice templates

The template must not be glued or other way fixed. It is important that parents have always had access to the same. - Periodically must be cleaned or replaced.

Orthopedic footbed always do with the pad wear-arch support). This allows you to generate the correct curvature of the foot and to prevent the development of flatfoot. To maintain the arch of the doctors recommend the use of the template VP-1. But with PLANO-valgus deformation of the model VP-2. This template is equipped with a socket for the accommodation of the heel, which is of the longitudinal arches, and the Department of heel is the arch support.

Specific recommendations

Buying shoes orthopedic, not all parents know what to do next. Some use it only for an hour at the foot of the street, others allow the child to remove it only at night. Recommendations of orthopedists down to the fact that orthopedic shoes children must bring a 4-6 hours of the day. But sometimes it is necessary that the child is special models over time.

When used properly, the shoes of the child reduces the load on the ligaments and muscles of the legs. The baby automatically improves posture. Due to the fact that the Shoe firmly holds the foot in the correct position, the child starts to less pain and appears the resistance.

But, to force a child to wear orthopedic models all day without a break, it is not necessary. Ligamentous and muscular apparatus has to work, it will only be the case if the child's foot is closed. To develop it with the help of massage, physiotherapy. Useful is a walk on a special carpet of pebbles or hard bristles. Essential for children with PLANO-valgus deformity can be ordinary wall bars.

Comments from parents

Comments from parents

Before you buy orthopedic models and many want to know if they are good. Some argue that without them to adjust the production stop will fail, others say that with time, the foot aligns itself.

But if all the children of the ligament over time, strengthen them, adults with the installation of the brake, simply would not exist. But, unfortunately, not all parents have time to pay attention to this problem.

According to the majority of parents who used a special model, shoes orthopedic for children with hallux valgus allows for prolonged use to adjust the production stop. But to correct the situation in a shoes difficult. Also we must not forget about the massage and proper loading to the legs that occur when you walk on a special carpet of pebbles.