Hallux valgus in children: treat the child, how to treat

As soon as the child starts to walk, we need to pay attention to how it does. Special attention should be given to the installation of joints of knees and legs, legs, and the feet of the baby (if there are distortions, alterations of the gear, etc.). The fact that this kind of problems in the near future can lead to serious consequences and various diseases of the locomotor system. Therefore, in order to identify their needs as soon as possible.

If the baby diagnosis of curvature of the legs is difficult due to the fact that the child does not go, after a year old baby to see the problem quite easy if you closely follow the baby steps.

One of the most common types of curvatures of the lower extremities is hallux valgus in children. This issue will be discussed in this article.

What it is and how to recognize valgus setting stop

Valgus deformity is a curvature of the feet, which, while strong compression of the legs right at the knees the distance between the inner edges of the ankles will be equal to 4-5 cm or more. Also, with valgus heel and the fingers are deflected to the outside, and the arches of the foot "collapses". This type of feet are called X-form, in contrast to the Or in the form of format for varus-type deformity. If, simultaneously, there is a decrease of the height normal of the arches of the feet, we are talking about the PLANO-valgus deformity. It is the last form of the disease is more frequent in children.

deformation of the foot

In the initial stages of the formation of valgus stop especially pronounced curvature is not noticeable, but over time, the pathology of the musculoskeletal system is a progressing quickly, and then the diagnosis can be made on the basis of simple inspection of the child.

To identify the problem as soon as possible, pay attention to the following possible signs of valgus foot and her son:

  • legs take the shape of the letter X converge in the area of knee joints and diverge in the region of the inside ankles for more than 4-5 cm;
  • feet FALL inward when the child stands or walks;
  • the arch of the foot flattens;
  • shoes get worn in the characteristic diagram in the first place falls out and wipe the interior part of the plants;
  • when walking occurs the shuffling of feet;
  • walk a bit insecure;
  • children tire more quickly when walking;
  • older children may complain of pain in the legs, back, periodic upgrades, some may notice a swelling, even.

As a general rule, the diagnosis of hallux valgus of the foot, the child can put parents at home based on the symptoms mentioned above, but in any case, you should visit your pediatrician primary care or pediatric orthopedics. The specialist can prescribe a number of extra procedures and tests to confirm the diagnosis and determine the cause of the curvature and on the basis of the data obtained will designate the complex of medical-regenerative actions.

Causes curvature of the foot

Valgus position of the feet of the child, in function of the causes may be congenital or acquired.

Congenital etiology caused by various malformations of the elements of the musculoskeletal system, genetic or chromosome anomalies in the foetus. In this case, the pathology develops in the uterus, and manifested immediately after birth, and the degree of curvature in the case of congenital hallux valgus is very pronounced.

photo strain

The acquired form of the disease develops after birth and can have many causes, such as:

  • prematurity or birth of a baby with a small body mass;
  • a deficiency of calcium and/or vitamin D;
  • excess weight in children;
  • syndrome of connective tissue dysplasia;
  • often acute infections;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • polio and other infections that affect the nervous system;
  • diseases of muscles, for example, myodystrophy;
  • the defeat of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy);
  • pathology of the hip joint (dysplasia congenital and dislocation of hip);
  • too early ambulation of the child on their feet;
  • diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes, hypothyroidism);
  • irrational selection of shoes;
  • excessive load has not yet formed until the end of the foot;
  • trauma (fractures, dislocations, sprains);
  • the surgery on the feet.

The degree of deformity

In function of the deviation of the axis of the valgus of the foot of the standard, there are 4 degrees of severity of the pathology:

  • 1 degree angle of deviation is 10-15º deformity responds well to conservative treatment and may be totally correct.
  • 2 degree deviation angle of 15-20º. In the care of deformation is possible with the help of complex conservative methods.
  • 3 the degree of deviation from normal of the axis of the foot in the range of 20-30ºc, to get rid of the disease is possible, even with only conservative treatment, but the therapy process requires a large amount of time and effort.
  • 4-degree deflection angle of more than 30º. Is a heavy degree of deformation, that is almost impossible to cure among conservative treatments, many patients require special operation.

How to determine valgus installation stop

As has been said, to suspect valgus position of the foot can the parents or the pediatrician, but the final diagnosis should be put only pediatric orthopedist.

Unfortunately, a visual inspection to diagnosis and plan of treatment hallux valgus is not enough. The specialist can prescribe a number of necessary studies:

  • General clinical blood and urine;
  • x-rays of the feet of the child in various positions, if necessary, CT or MRI;
  • Ultrasound of the joints if necessary;
  • computer podometry;
  • computer planotography.

Important! To exclude diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system as a cause of the hallux valgus, all the children with such a problem should be examined by a neurologist.

According to these data, the specialist will be exposed to the correct and final diagnosis, an individual treatment plan of the child, to explain to my parents what to do to get a good result and get rid of the problem.

massage Mat

Treatment for hallux valgus feet in children

How to treat the disease fully depends on its cause and the scope. If you purchased the deformation 1-3 gravity can be corrected by the complex of conservative methods of therapy, to get rid of the 4 degrees of curvature or of congenital valgus foot is only possible through surgery.

The main components of the program of treatment of hallux valgus:

  • physiotherapy;
  • foot massage and special massage mats;
  • wearing shoes orthopedic and templates;
  • physiotherapy;
  • the immobilization of the foot in the correct position with bandages of plaster;
  • the surgery.

The aim of the treatment of children with valgus installation stop is the restoration of normal form and function of the foot, strengthen the ligamentous and muscular apparatus. This can be quickly achieved by applying an integrated approach to therapy.

In the case of disorders congenital little patient can designate the prolonged immobilization of the foot in the correct position with plaster casts or correction of the deformity through operations.

In other cases, the treatment begins with the individual choice of shoes for orthopedic or templates, curative exercises, massage, physiotherapy.

Very good effect and have group classes under the supervision of an instructor with the physical therapy and home exercises.

Effects and prevention

If the time does not recognize the pathology and to start its treatment, the child may receive the following complications:

  • fast fatigue and chronic pain in the feet;
  • osteoarthritis of the ankle, knee and hip joint due to the poor distribution of the load at the time of walking;
  • diseases of the spine osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc.;
  • chronic back pain;
  • flat feet;
  • various violations of posture.

To prevent the formation of valgus of the foot, if the deformation is not caused by congenital reasons, only.

For this reason, it is necessary to follow the following rules and recommendations:

  • forbidden early to put a small child on his feet and the practice of walking before you;
  • it is important as the first baby of shoes to choose orthopedic instances;
  • regular gymnastic exercises and the development of a massage has become a habit of the parents and the child;
  • let us not forget the routine inspections at the doctor, even in the case that the child does not bother;
  • it is important to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • in the case of such problems as excess weight, it is essential to bring the body mass index normal;
  • if there are suspicions about a valgus deformity of the foot, as soon as possible to consult a specialist.

Comments on the treatment

Inna, 34

Valgus curvature let my son found in the annual report of the preventive exam of the 2nd class. Until now he never pay attention to the child's foot and we didn't know about this disease. Surgeon orthopedic for children in the clinic has appointed us calcium supplements and 3 courses of therapeutic massage, electrophoresis, daily exercises for the feet. I hope this helps to get rid of the problem.

Andrew, 36 years

A woman noticed my daughter, the curvature of the legs in 1 year just after he started walking. The doctor diagnosed hallux valgus of the feet. The treatment consisted in the use of special orthopedic children shoes, medical, massage and the area of physical education in a special Mat. Have passed six months after the treatment and the results are very encouraging. The legs are smooth-smooth.

Marina, 23 years old

Valgus feet were in my childhood. I always quickly damage the shoes with the inside of the plants, but the parents did not give him any attention, until I began to have horrible pain in the feet and legs, there are even convulsions in the legs. The doctor diagnosed it immediately on first inspection. Bring shoes orthopedic I wanted that it looked ugly, so that it offers an alternative to the correction of the installation of the foot – orthotics, custom. The treatment includes a long course of exercises in the clinic under the supervision of a physiotherapist, massage therapist and homemade gymnastic training. Six months later, the foot pain has receded, the gym I threw, but templates wear continued. The degree of curvature reduced (it is noticeable on the shoes that I wear), but the deformation has not disappeared.