Valgus deformation of the foot

What valgus, Hey? Pathology represent the inner curvature of the legs, feet, decreasing outward deviation of the heel and toe ends, the parity of a series of foot size crumbs.

Some call it a disease – the "butterfly effect, that due to a bug similar to the rear foot. A small hole between the heel and toe of the foot a child almost disappears.

Valgus deformation of the foot

To put you in a little foot bench outlines the letter "X".

Valgus deformation of the stop position depending on the child that may cause congenital or acquired.

Etiology congenital, due to developmental disorders various Nov items-skeletal system diseases, fetal genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

In this case, the pathology develops during the period of fetal development and self-degree of curvature in the case of congenital hallux valgus immediately after birth and severe.

Syndrome, Edwards – chromosomal anomaly, the degrees of the hallux valgus foot and heavy newborn – stop-rocking

The pathology of the acquired form develops after the baby is born already and can have many causes, including:

  • prematurity or birth of children with a small weighing;
  • calcium deficiency and/or vitamin D;
  • an overweight child;
  • connective tissue dysplasia syndrome;
  • common acute respiratory tract infections;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • polio and other infections, hit, the nervous system;
  • Nov diseases;
  • the lesion of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy);
  • pathology of the hip joint (dysplasia and congenital hip dislocation);
  • very early ambulation child's foot;
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes, hypothyroidism);
  • extravagant selection of shoes;
  • on overload yet formed a foot end;
  • trauma (fractures, dislocations, sprains);
  • surgery on raised feet.

Paradoxically, however, in some cases the only way to stop deformation to the formation of the child the parents themselves.

In particular, wanting, wishing for, the baby took his first steps, as early as possible, put feet at an early age mother, education, skills walk.

In this case, the Nov-the child always ready for this high-stress the skeletal system. As a result, the developing deformation process. So, when you take the first steps to the child age, the body ready for this (10-12 months).

The number for other reasons, the formation of foot deformities includes:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • fatigue, Nov tissue;
  • the character of the disease changes in the endocrine status;
  • injury received during birth (e.g., hip dislocation);
  • a skilled who wears the wrong shoes to lock the foot in position;
  • no physical activity;
  • the resulting deformation and destruction of cartilage and bone tissue of the disease the body.

The degree of disease development

The degree of disease development

The difference in rates depends on the angle of the foot with a hallux valgus, varies between the first finger and bone (bond) metatarsal.

1 degree

First-degree corner joint occurs with increasing deformation (bond sesamoids very moving) subluxations of the foot.

2 degrees

Finger tendon and hallux valgus is more a big offset in the second degree connections.

3. degrees

Hallux valgus (Hallux — Valgus thumb — deviation) the degree of deformation the curvature of the angle dependent four:

  • first degrees — 15 degrees, feels the man's discomfort;
  • the second degrees — 20 degrees, first from the outside of the pain and pathology begins to emerge, it is not possible not to notice the difference anyway;
  • third degree — 30 degree in the deformation and limited movement of adjacent phalanx;
  • the fourth degrees — 50 degrees and more, accompanied by regular painful sensations in the foot and all pathological changes.

First-and second-degree represents a cosmetic flaw rather contain the disease, and effective prevention measures. If you have third or fourth degree valgus deformation disease thumb treatment.

Many of the doctors degrees depending on developmental stages disease children:

  • degrees, 10-15 deviation, pathology can be treated, sometimes just a simple change such as shoe enough;
  • deformation of 15-20 degrees, a child would be difficult to walk, the effort required for a full recovery;
  • a valgus deviation of the foot the baby angle, about 30 degrees. Treatment of such a condition is long-term, must be continuously monitored, parents and doctors;
  • pathology – 30 degrees. Such a deviation is made the norm of long-term treatment, no quick troubleshooting to remedy a flaw a positive result does foot doctors boy.

Depending on the size of the declination axis features such as 4 degree valgus foot pathology is the norm:

  • 1 degree deviation angle of 10-15º, the best way to fix it completely to conservative treatment and deformation.
  • Declination 2 degrees is equal to 15-20º. The deformation of the complex completely with conservative treatment techniques.
  • Normal axis deviation 3 degrees of the inside of your foot 20 to 30º, pathology get rid of still, only conservative treatment, but the treatment process requires time and effort.
  • 30º declination 4 degrees more. This severe the degree of deformation, which is almost impossible in many patients, conservative treatments some of the treatment that is required for a special operation.

Have a child with clubfoot during the formation Stage 4:

1. A mild form. At this stage, expert diagnosis within 10-15 degrees deviation. In this case, more lightweight and easily is a treatable condition.

2. In the second stage, an anomaly in 15-20 degrees. In this case, maybe stop deformation, heal the child, but to exert effort.

3. In the third stage of the disease, an abnormality comes up 20-30 degrees. In this case, the disease can be treated, but this took a long time.

4. The most severe degree of disease — fourth. Stop the norm of a deviation characterized by more than 30 %. In this case, a comprehensive treatment (wearing proper shoes, massage, gymnastics), help get rid of diseases that must, surgery.

Characteristic signs and symptoms

Recognize pathology by drawing attention to her symptoms and signs of the following:

The reasons warp stop
  1. When a baby is in an upright position (standing or walks), the difference in leg a certain curvature crumbs. So, her knees tightly together, divorced near the ankle aside.
  2. Ankle knee for more of a fiery even if the child is not closed.
  3. Value on a solid surface a child, I feel like his heel! in different directions from each other.
  4. Note shoes toddler. The interior wears quickly, the exterior remains unchanged.
  5. The child formed a flat base, the dome then walk down to the foot of the kind of touches.
  6. Child complaint of pain in the legs, fatigue.

Signs and symptoms

Flat foot hallux valgus symptoms include:

  • A clear visual cosmetic flaw – joint increases or decreases significantly in size since the foot and finger in the opposite direction towards the inside in the dials perpendicular to the axis; the observed pseudo-varus foot assy.
  • Concomitant pathology and symptoms symptomatic plano valgus flat feet, severe chronic pursuit, both deforming arthrosis, destroyed metatarsophalangeal joint.


For, industrial dispute, system selection, treatment, meeting disease prevention (exercise, gymnastics, massage), as well as to prevent its further development required for timely and complete examination of the patient.

To specify , the doctor makes X-ray foot 3 appeared – the development of hallux valgus to 3 degrees which appeared patient and concomitant pathologies of the foot do you have more openness, such as aseptic necrosis, cysts, arthritis, inflammatory pathology covers, etc.

Detection in case of symptoms related, the doctor applies treatment (orthopedic insoles, corrective exercise, gymnastics, massage) help, it's not a cure, at least to fix it is a manifestation of his.

Podiatrists should refer the patient for diagnosis. The holding begins with a description, dental examination of the affected area. The extent that expert draws attention to the range of motion of the thumb of the deviation, associated with the presence of deformations.

From the outside the leg with the symptoms similar symptoms of bone diseases such as arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis, gout. May be prescribed by a doctor for further diagnosis, more research:

  1. Accesses three foot radiography to determine pathological changes.
  2. Shows integrity means load computer plantography.
  3. Computer podometry assigned to identify in the early stages of vesicle inflammation of the uncanny.

In parallel with this, the doctor collects information about story: the first deformation that has trigger factors, speed progress. It determines the presence of the assigned treatment, coexisting diseases of the patient.

The approval status of valgus deformation of the thumb can be assigned to the cooperative or conservative treatment of the disease.

A little patient requires special care, specific treatment. Diagnosis and necessary treatment to deal with an appointment only an experienced expert.

Rid throughout pathology special devices (splints, elastic retention bands), the only thing you need to get done after the necessary diagnostic manipulation:

  • radiography. Three different ways to make in difficult situations use only and not for small children rarely;
  • podometry. Allow you to learn the method, is a controversial diagnosis and condition;
  • computer plantography. Ima study morphological indicators and child foot.

Visible symptoms assigned to the defect repair the use of special devices.

Home of the test

The presence of pathology can you identify yourself crumbs. To detect the problem, it is necessary to migrate the following manipulation:

  • should normal butter-and-paper format A4;
  • the Brush tool a child of the foot, sheep, paper, absorption wait fat. Foot must stand at a short distance parallel to each other;
  • the ratio obtained "picture". Fat finger should be appropriate for the child's age, notice open circuit.

Get into shape, speed up the diagnostic process with a flaw that can handle faster to the doctor (if any).

Treatment methods

Treatment methods


3 degrees of deformation definitive treatment is almost impossible, but in this case, you can do without surgery. There are several standard methods for therapeutic purposes fix this pathology.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles hallux valgus flat foot correction that is designed for custom installation.

Showing the development of the disease in the early stages of such a high performance footbed, in addition to physician-an orthopedic specialist must assign a fix for loading custom arch support, the foot position.

In addition, the above-mentioned method shows the setting for cable ties and additional corrective finger. The best option – medical footbed orthopedic shoes are individually selected features are installed.


Deformation was shown during this special massage stop. For this purpose professionals. Often to fix a doctor of pathology-throws orthopedist, massage course, of a preliminary session, to be repeated at least once and a couple of months.


Properly selected physical exercises significantly set foot deformation. The most common options gymnastics:

  • the boat, foot on the floor;
  • and uneven surfaces for walking;
  • to attempt to capture, finger, foot, some issues;
  • the move, only stay on the outer side of the room.

By applying the appropriate treatment for the purpose of massage for gymnastics exercise mat.

Physical therapy

Complex physical therapy activities to treat non-appropriate, and to minimize the symptoms of the disease. A good distortion complementary therapy massage, orthopedic insoles and gymnastic exercises.