Hallux valgus: treatment, the template, the photo

Hallux valgus deformation of foot – the process of changing the shape of the foot, which is accompanied by the appearance of ugly, painful outgrowth of bone at the base of the big toe.

hallux valgus images

As deformation occurs

Flat feet valgus – a specific pathology in the functional aspects of the position of the foot, due to the fact that its height is very underrated, and is the center of the shaft is curved.

The fingers of the foot and the heel, respectively, turned toward the outside, and the foot gradually becomes x in the form of cutting. This pathology can take nonheritable and to be congenital, to treat very problematic, but, in General, the correction of the disease is conservative or surgical operation is performed by podiatrists with great success.

Flat hallux valgus in adults can be caused by these factors:

  • mismatched shoes (or templates) – you can't limit or the size of the foot;
  • she always wore shoes, boots, high heels;
  • subluxation of the base of the phalanx proximal to the big toe;
  • in the background of the gout in the joints and the accumulation of excessive amount of salts of the uric acid is, in turn, leads to the fact that the development of tv hallux valgus in adults;
  • weak tendons;
  • the genetic predisposition;
  • excess body weight (more load on the joints);
  • flat valgus feet, and peculiar to the menopause in the woman's body and the hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy — zone corset simply can not cope with the additional functional load, so that part of the mass "push" in the joints, deforming them;
  • walk plan a different degree;

The difference in the degrees with valgus deformity of the foot depends on the angle that varies between the index finger and the bone (which connects the metatarsal).

1 degree

hallux valgus photo degree

In the first degree in milusheva corner there has been an increase in the deformation of the joint (sesamoid ligaments too mobile), there is a subluxation of the foot.

In the second degree hallux valgus is a displacement, the tendons and the joints in the thumb.

Deformation of 3 degrees (regardless of the factor that was important) and arises from the fact that the bone and connective tissue in this area vulnerable and weak enough, not to deal with a considerable functional load.

Tv signals hallux valgus the following:

  • Explicit aesthetic visual defects of the joint greatly increases in size, sticks out to the side located perpendicular to the axis of the foot and the fingers are turned in the opposite direction, towards the inside (video); there is a so-called varus foot position.
  • Accompany the symptomatic manifestations of pathology PLANO valgus and flat feet, severe chronic bursitis and osteoarthritis deformans, which affects the metatarsophalangeal joints.


For a correct selection of treatment valgus, prevention of disease (physical exercise, gymnastics, massage), as well as to prevent its development, requires timely and thorough examination of the patient.

To specify valgus, the doctor makes an x-ray of the foot in 3 projections – so you can identify which of the 3 levels of development of hallux valgus foot of the patient, and also to clarify if there are any additional related pathologies, such as avascular necrosis, cyst, arthritis, inflammatory disorders of the periosteum, etc.

In case of detection of symptoms relevant (photo), the doctor applies a treatment (orthotics, correction of exercises, gymnastics, massage), which if not cured valgus, at least fix your appearance.

To permanently cure the flat hallux valgus deformity of 3 degrees is almost impossible, but it can be done without the need for surgery. There are several methods standard treatment aimed at the correction of this pathology.


Installation of special orthopedic insoles designed for correcting flat valgus foot deformity.

These templates exhibit a high degree of efficiency in the early stages of the disease, in addition, the podiatrist must designate special insoles to correct the position of the foot.

In most of the previous methods shows the installation of correctors for fingers and ties. The best option is medical shoes orthopedic properties, which are individually equipped templates.

In valguse shown a special foot massage. With this purpose, you should turn to professionals. Often to correct the condition, the podiatrist prescribes a course of massage that consists of ten sessions, which should be repeated at least every two months.

Properly selected physical exercises significantly help in the correct valgus of the foot. The most common types of the area of physical education:

  • walking on dimidium digitos;
  • walking on uneven surfaces;
  • attempt to catch with the fingers of the feet of some of the elements.
  • the movement across the room only on the outer part of the feet.

For gymnastics for the treatment of valgus right exercises with the use of the massage Mat.

The complex of physical events is not suitable for the treatment, and to minimize the symptoms. Well at valguse complement the treatment with massage, templates for orthopedic and gymnastic exercises.

If you walk around the adults have pain, preventing them to move, the podiatrist shall appoint analgesics and anti-inflammatory.

Surgery is indicated in situations when the disease is clearly progressive in nature or the deformed finger prevents the patient to live comfortably, and when conservative methods – the insoles of the shoes, therapeutic massage and special exercises have not resulted in the correction of varus foot of the installation .

valgus deformity of the foot photo sole

Modern medical equipment designed to support this type of treatment, less traumatica correction of the union is carried out, after which the patient is placed in a mold and does not mount any additional structures.

During the surgery, the surgeon adjusts the angle between the bones of the foot. This operation is necessary for the driving function of ligaments is well distributed. The recovery period after an operation is fast enough, and recurrence is not seen.

The popular treatment

Varus stop (photo) in adults, which are the result of hallux valgus of 3 degrees, is subject to adjustment at home (without surgery). The most effective measure of the technology:

Shown to take decoction of madder dye tool removes the excess of uric acid; one teaspoon of powder should be poured into a full glass of water, you want to preheat; after about 10 minutes the mixture should be boiled in a steam bath; the means to thoroughly drain, take for 12 cups several times a day. It can sometimes be useful even to avoid surgery.

Well-adjusted growth and struggling with varus installation of the stop of dandelion flowers. After they are well dried, pour a small amount of iodine. Media insist 3 days, then applied in the form of a grid on valgus of the foot.

Varus configuration of the feet and valgus deformity is well corrected with the help of special homemade healing ointment. In the tablespoon of mustard powder will require the same fresh-water sponge, a couple of tablespoons of turpentine and a few drops of oil of machine. Treatment of valgus these (photos) will be very efficient and effective, which helps make without the need of surgery.


Very suitable for the treatment of varus stop and 3 degrees valgus and therapeutic compresses natural, propolis. A small piece of money to put in the bone, with care to insure it with a bandage.

Any of the above methods of treatment of valgus to 3 degrees varus and the installation of the foot will be effective, but better still, a holistic approach, which combines recipes with the correct physical exercises, corrective footwear, insoles orthopaedic, added to the massage therapy.

You should always take preventative measures (exercise and physiotherapy, orthotics, massage) in order to prevent the emergence and the development of hallux valgus.