Shoes with hallux valgus in adults

There is a vineyard and valgus deformation in which the shape of the joint looks the opposite. When varus embodiment, the patient's legs resemble the letter "O", and with valgus - the letter H. Both diseases are common and different signs accompanied by sensations in the patient. Common type of foot deformity - valgus requires selection of special shoes for orthopedic.

hallux valgus shoes

The efficiency of lead shoes orthopedic with valgus

This disease is a curvature of the phalanx of the index finger, the rest of the fingers. Externally, the disease is seen as flattening of the foot and their offset to one another. In terms of ankle appears a curvature resembling the letter X, and the heel rests on the inner side. Shoes with hallux valgus in adults should be specialized and often custom-made.

Shoes for hallux valgus of the foot must be purchased at the specialty shop. Well-chosen shoes or boots simplifies significantly the life of a patient suffering from the disease. Orthotic insoles provide more comfort for the sore feet. Shoes orthopedic with the problem of hallux valgus is selected, when the doctor will conduct a face-to-face examination of the patient and make recommendations.

Most often the disease affects women. Specialized shoes has various effective features:

  • helps to eliminate pain, discomfort in walking;
  • suspends the process of change in the thumb;
  • prevention of corns, plantar callosities;
  • less inflammation and fatigue;
  • it produces a rational distribution of the load. This is especially true for girls who suffer from overweight.
In addition to these indicators, orthopedic pair reduces the load on the spine, the knees, reduces tension in the calf of the legs. Shoes made of natural materials, it promotes a good heat transfer and prevents the appearance of fungi.

Currently, the prevention of the disease is possible if we use a specialized partner. Any orthopedic lounge will offer a wide range of boots, shoes, sandals with a special template. If necessary, bring special sample treatment and recovery purposes, it is much better to make a model for the individual characteristics of the patient stop.

What need shoes with a valgus installation stop

If the patient has a diagnosis of planovalgus foot 1 phase, there are several options to choose the shoes. Must be with instep, a high heel, that helps to hide the joint of the ankle. Templates out standard, but dedicated to the cabin.

When the 2 phase of the disease is selected supine couple with a high heel that covers the ankle. It is possible to buy standard templates for orthopedic. Often the orthopedist recommends the purchase of the samples.

If 3 phase is to select the pair with the instep and high heel that covers the ankle. This can consist of sandals, loafers or sneakers. Templates are recommended for a specialised centre. In the lounge, you can buy special inserts made of silicone, which aid in the correction of the arrangement of the toes.

Specialized shoes will help you in the initial stages of the prevention of the disease. It is necessary for adults with predisposition to flat feet transverse arch of the foot. It is useful for those who have weak muscles, ligament diseases of the musculoskeletal system, is used in the most preventive and curative interventions (exercise therapy and massage).

In the presence of serious pathology should contact the experts specialized in the manufacture of shoes. Many experts believe, made to the size of the shoes significantly relieve pain in people with prominent bone in the big toe.

Avoid product with soft or high only. During an exacerbation, or treatment of the disease can not wear sneakers, close, unpardonable ventilation shoes. You should avoid uncomfortable samples. The size and shape should fit the patient perfectly. You should avoid too low exclusive. This will lead to an uneven distribution of weight, the whole burden will fall on the heel, which will lead to the progression of the disease.

Special shoes have to meet certain international standards. It should be made of hypoallergenic materials, the paint should not fade or stain on the skin. The top products are made from genuine leather, and the plants have elasticity. Needs orthotics leather. The heel of any pair must clearly record the heel and the toe to be great for comfortable movement of the patient.

You should pay attention to thermoregulation, the lack of moisture in the process of socks. To avoid the pain use mild, valgus garbage.

Rules for choosing and wearing

A long walk leads us to the fact that the foot experiences most of the load, which creates the effect of some mitigation. When the foot is distorted, that hurts the load on the spine and joints. Active important, harmful changes in the human body.

A number of rules that must be met if diagnosed with flat feet or flat-louver variant of the disease:

  1. You can not buy shoes with flat soles.
  2. Heel height must not exceed 1 centimetre.
  3. The elevation of the Shoe must be produced from the half of the foot.
  4. You should choose eco-friendly materials.
  5. The size must match the patient's leg.
  6. The new shoes should not cause discomfort.

In the first stage of the disease should choose the options for the development of sustainable, low heel. This will help to ensure that the foot was in the anatomically correct position. There is No need to buy wedges, platform sandals. These options prevent the bending of the foot and increase the burden. A good alternative will be a pair of leather sandals. Pay attention to the sole to be flexible and the heel is supported, at the bottom of the leg.

If there are bad feelings, products of leather is best change of suede or nubuck. These materials are much smoother, flow more air. Correction, with 1 degree of the disease is possible if the shoes fit correctly.

When the patient 2, the degree of the disease, the deformation and the finger with the bone visible for visual inspection of a doctor. The load applied during walking, the patients experience pain in the ankle. Shoes to correct valgus stop in this phase requires specialized. The people who participate in active sports, it is important to choose the templates anatomical, orthopedic living room. Offer a comfortable position, relieving tension from the feet.

When a patient has stage 2 disease, it must meet the following rules:

  • to choose a model with a tight back;
  • the tip should be round or square in shape;
  • should you use orthopedic inserts;
  • to choose a model with laces for a better control of the circumference of the leg, the foot;
  • to acquire special tabs for the fingers.

Scenario 3 degrees of the disease is characterized by the fact that the disease has a marked change. An adult experiencing pain, difficulty walking. The decrease in the locomotor activity and the prohibition of the exercise to increase the pain of the joints. The strong curvature of the feet, fingers and toes that leads to the formation of corns. The third degree of the disease is characterized by a significant deviation from the heel to the outside. To reduce the pain help specialized shoes over the treatment of the correction. Pathology requires specialised, prompt treatment from a specialist.

Treatment prognosis and possible complications

In the third stage, the disease is strictly prohibited to sock sports models. If the patient will continue to use the incorrectly matched pair, there is a risk of disc displacement in the spine. Even the bone in the skeletal structure is subject to deformation. The treatment is carried out after the necessary studies of diagnosis, a diagnosis. The last phase consists of only surgical methods of treatment. Surgery gives an opportunity for the elimination of pain, and the foot can take its previous form. If diagnosed, the initial extent of the disease, the patient will help the conservative treatment. This implies wear shoes for orthopedic and templates. Such orthotic devices can correct minor curvature, eliminates the pain.

Physiotherapy, exercises to help the patient in the rehabilitation process, if prior to the surgery. Therapeutic massage, physiotherapy treatments are a welcome addition in the treatment. Any recommendation, instruction podiatrist must be strictly observed. In the case of the late treatment of possible serious consequences in the form of deformation of the joints.