Hallux valgus in children is a disease that is found in children under the age of years.

What is the pathology?

PLANO valgus pathology

The child flat valgus foot is a defect, which is characterized by an X-shaped curvature of the axis of the bone and the decrease of its height. When it comes to this disease, the bones, the children are turned inside out, as a descending middle part of the foot, causing an awkward gait. This process was accompanied by leg pain and fatigue.

Pediatric orthopedist already at external examination can diagnose curvature of the legs of a baby. It is necessarily require to do x-rays in three projections. In addition, the treatment in children hallux valgus is accompanied by the obligation to bring shoes orthopedic, massage, physical therapy, orthopedic imposition of the covers. The podiatrist may also assign additional exercises, the realization of which is to strengthen the muscles of the legs and a bit of patience.

Unable to meet their parents independently at home if the doctor will give the appropriate recommendations.

Therapeutic exercises, usually simple, since the main part of the massage exercise specialist. For convenience of perform therapeutic exercises need a massage pillow.

Doctors specialized in orthopedics, to make the appointment, it is recommended the installation of stop children, realizing the need of bone repair. With the massage Mat with valgus foot in children, the parents will be much easier to complete tasks podiatrist. If the case is not amenable to correction in this way, then it may require surgical intervention.

How to identify the disease

If the bone formation of the baby, there are changes, for parents, and more importantly, the time to pay attention to this problem. In this case, the treatment is not only timely, but effective. To do this, parents at home, you can do these simple tests.

Proof of the first. Grease the foot of a little butter, covering the butter completely, and pay special attention to the edge of the stop, lubricate them more. Put the baby in a clean white sheet of paper of size din A4. The legs have to be in a bit of a distance from one another and maintained in parallel.

In the sheet of paper should absorb the oil in those places where the baby's leg is completely in contact with the surface of the paper. Lift baby up and inspect their tracks, according to the interior of a circuit trace. When evaluating, consider the age characteristics of the baby.

As the second option that suits to the test "the currency". Baby put barefoot on a smooth floor. The leg, that the needs of the test will be of 50 cm to the front.

You can make a small currency, putting it in a way that was contrary to the inner edge of the leg being tested.

the child of the foot

The distance between the coin and the leg should be 8-12 cm

Fingers on the coin click in such a way that she was put in the middle of the foot of the baby. The inside of the edge should be slightly raised above the floor, thus forming a lap, and the coin when tapped with a finger under her will disappear completely or halfway.

If the coin will collide with the leg and not sink in it, at least partially, so that it is very possible that a baby has flat feet or a valgus foot. In this case, necessarily need to perform special exercises for hallux valgus in children.

Characteristics of the disease

Change the appearance of the legs in the case of hallux valgus occurs in such a way that if the knees of the baby compress, the ankles, the distance will reach 4-5 cm. The heel and the toes therefore, will be rejected to the outside, while inside, on the contrary, filled to the inner surface. The curvature of the legs in this case X shape.

If the curvature of the legs, Or in the form, then we are talking about the curvature of the legs.

If valgus deformity involves the reduction of the height of the arches of the foot, then it is flat-valgus deformity. Most often this form of the disease found in pediatric orthopedics and Pediatrics.

The causes of the disease

Causes of the deformation of bones in children can be different, plus they can be acquired or congenital. If we are talking about the case when the defect is congenital, that a violation of the form of the bones is still in the uterus development of the embryo. Then, the deformation can be diagnosed already in the first two months after the baby was born.

The more serious congenital deformities are cases under the names of "vertical battering RAM" or "the rocking chair". The disease is associated with congenital imperfections of the tendon-ligamentous apparatus, in addition, is happening against the background of disability in the development of the musculoskeletal system of the creature. At 10-12 months, as a general rule, the mother may notice that these deviations as the baby starts to walk.

Most of the times these disorders occur in children with muscular hypotonia. The reasons for this may be due to the weakness congenital of the connective tissues, malnutrition, fetal, prematurity of the child, and by reason of the frequent diseases in childhood and pneumonia, bronchitis and colds.

Doctors are three degrees of severity of the disease: mild, moderate and severe.

Sometimes the development of this disease occurs after injuries of muscles, ligaments, and the bones of the leg after a long stay in the division.

The causes of this disease can also be:

  • the first formulation of the baby in the feet;
  • mismatched shoes;
  • the lack of exercise at home or in the preschool education institution;
  • osteoporosis;
  • a variety of injuries.

For prevention, you must perform the following recommendations for pediatricians:

  • be sure to undergo routine medical checkups by a podiatrist;
  • bring the right shoes, which have a small arch support, to wear a high heel and flexible sole;
  • take medications and to follow the rules of recovery for the prevention of rickets.
  • it's not necessary to load the legs of the baby before 7-8 months.

When it comes to treatment, it is necessary to consider that flat feet is a serious problem only in the case of that the foot is not flat, but that cause the baby pain and anxiety when he walks or runs. If the socks have the baby when lifting normal, does not bother him, the treatment of the child flat valgus foot is not needed at all.

children's Orthopaedics

If the leg hurts when touched, hardly moving, this is a situation that requires immediate treatment.

As there will be qualified help of a podiatrist. The doctor will help you choose the right form of treatment, assess the severity of the disease. Can be printed with the help of special shoes or the purpose of the activity.