Valgus deformity of the foot

In the process of life in humans, often appear a variety of foot deformities. Usually we used to see the drop – the projection of the bone of the thumb but not the least drop threat, and a deformation – valgus foot. To ignore it is problematic if the valgus is not innate, and was acquired at a Ripe old age. However, hallux valgus patients threatened with development of serious pathology, so it is best to diagnose as early as possible and immediately start the treatment.

Hallux valgus flat foot is one of the most frequent diseases encountered in orthopedics. She resists varus deformity when the foot is twisted outward. These defects of the foot causing the characteristic x-shaped, or in the form of the limbs.

The reason is that valgus is widespread among children and among adults. Is a leader in deformities of the feet, which is not only a default aesthetic. Valgus alone can have serious consequences for the patient suffering from this deviation. In the adult, except for valgus limbs, generally curved, and the toe of the foot. He leaned to the side, and the bone that sticks out considerably. In addition, PLANO - valgus installation stop combined with the following:

  • deforming arthrosis in the foot;
  • exostosis of the metatarsal heads of the elements;
  • combined with the flat irrisorie bursitis;
  • transverse flatfoot.


Planovalgus foot is predominantly found in women of more than thirty years. This feature stems from the fact that in women the ligaments of the joints are weaker than men, so that your plants are more prone to various deformations. An additional factor is the appearance of valgus and leads high-heel shoes.

HELP. The development of the disease is slow, so that it is very difficult to say when he appeared the disease and that the cause was due.

Hallux valgus in adults occurs due to the following reasons:

  • walk plan is one of the most frequent causes causing valgus, and in many cases, these two diseases are the compositae among them. The appearance of the flat feet of the person it is an inadequate distribution of the load and the appearance of hallux valgus – a question of time. The patients became uncomfortable to walk because of the load transfer legs hurt, so that people are looking for any ways to relieve the tension. At the time of the investment of the foot towards the inside, and even relieves the pain, but this is the first step in the formation of a valgus midsole;
  • osteoporosis is a typical cause of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including valgus of the foot. Osteoporosis the human body is quickly loss of calcium, so that bones become less strong and can not bear the burden of the body in the foot. The only becomes more vulnerable, and that's why there are such defects as the valgus foot;
  • to provoke the appearance of hallux valgus can weight. Often the curvature of the foot occurs in women during pregnancy if they gained a lot of weight and people at a Mature age, if you suddenly get fat. Foot simply can not withstand the excess weight and the arch flattens;
  • a genetic factor is also a cause of valgus of the foot. While the genetics does not predict the appearance of valgus. A person with problems genetic that appear defect of the tendon-ligamentous apparatus, which in the majority of cases it is manifested from childhood. Due to the weakness of ligaments of the foot just "float" under any load, so that a person in any period of life is developed valgus foot;
  • wrong shoes too narrow or high heels, can also cause hallux valgus foot. Very often, in this type of footwear, the patient transfers the load in the front part of the foot, affecting the joint of the big toe, but the arch of the foot with this distribution of the load becomes lower, and after a while you realize appreciable deformation;
  • endocrine disease – one of the most serious of the causes of valgus of the foot, because you have to deal with not only the curvature of the lower extremities, but also to establish the hormonal balance. In endocrine pathologies considerably affects the ligaments, which leads to the deformation;
  • foot injuries are another cause of hallux valgus curvature. If the injury is accompanied by the rupture of the tendon and ligament and the bones of crushing involved in the formation of the arch of the foot, which is a risk of valgus alone, even after treatment of the injury.

In addition to these reasons, directly leading to the development of valgus of the foot, predisposing factors and disease neuromuscular. These include gout, rheumatoid arthritis, down syndrome, paralysis. It should be noted, also, that the valgus setting a stop can be a professional default. He's prone to athletes, models, dancers. In recent years, doctors started to register valgus in the elderly.



Valgus deformity of the foot in the initial phase of the disease, patients may not egritudo because they do not look at the foot and I don't know what can happen. Notice the change already at a late stage, when the arch of the foot becomes visually complanatis.

The appearance of "bones" is a characteristic sign of hallux valgus

In the transition of the disease in the progressive stage of noticing the defect becomes easier. Valguse if you experience the following symptoms:

  • on foot in the area of the thumb is formed a characteristic "bone", and the thumb of the curve. When walking as a defect also offers significant discomfort to patients, and when pressed or confricantes to the bone, there are signs of inflammation of swelling, hyperthermia, erythema;
  • in advanced disease, when the inflammation seriously affects the joints, can increase the temperature of the whole body;
  • in place of the curvature and in areas of high stress are formed corns, and gentle on the skin often blisters;
  • usually, patients with valguse complain of the discomfort of the feet and pain;
  • because of the inadequate distribution of functional load, the pain appears not only in the foot, but is also present in the lower part of the legs, the knees, and then suffers a spinal column;
  • due to problems with the circulation of the blood is every symptom that is typical of varicose veins;
  • deformity of finger joints, and pressure on neighboring toes, causing ingrown nails.
IMPORTANT! The disease progresses slowly, so patients do not apply for help at the right time. Even the pain in the legs is written off to fatigue, although this is a clear sign of the appearance of the deformity.</ blockquote >

If not timely to go to the clinic, Hallux valgus curvature to face not only the pain, but also the appearance of serious pathologies:

  • osteomyelitis;
  • the progression of the inflammation of the synovial bags, and by moving it to the purulent stage;
  • the penetration of the infection in the area that is deformed, and advances in the inflammatory process;
  • even greater bending of the legs, which can lead to the loss of functionality of the lower limbs.


Hallux valgus can have varying degrees of severity, which determine further tactics of treatment. In the first degree of the angle of curvature is 15 degrees. This pathology is not considered a complicated therapy, so that this type of deformity can be treated conservatively. The primary care of patients of different exercises of physical therapy, gymnastics, hardening, physical therapy. Sample wearing shoes orthopedic.

Second degree strain – a curvature from fifteen to thirty-five degrees. Here we propose a more complex treatment, as the disease has affected the circulation, alters the metabolism, as well as a persistent pain syndrome. The treatment consists of therapy, physiotherapy, as well as the use of drugs (predominantly symptomatic drugs). If it is impossible to achieve positive dynamics recommended the surgical treatment.

A third degree of development of the pathology – a curvature of more than thirty-five degrees. In this form of the disease, surgery is indicated. If time does not resort to the surgery, the disease can cause serious deterioration functional in the extremities.



To diagnose the disease should go to a clinic and go through a few studies:

  • radiography is most informative and the most budget form of study, where you can see the position of the bone elements that form the arch of the foot. In the image at different projections of the doctors will receive a very informative image and it can be diagnosed with varus deformity;
  • ultrasound – this type of diagnosis is primarily prescribed for the assessment of the soft tissues that are also affected when the curvature of the foot;
  • podometry – a special kind of diagnosis where the patient is receiving feet on the glass surface, and the computer processes the impressions of the soles of his feet. This type of diagnosis is the most accurate method to describe the parameters of the disease and the diagnosis that in a first phase;
  • Computed tomography – in general for the diagnosis of valgus is rare, but used when needed to differentiate one disease from another, if the symptoms are similar (gout, arthrosis deformans).


Early detection treatment of hallux valgus possible conservative methods. In addition to the special shoes, orthopedics requires the active use of physiotherapy. Exercises aimed at the formation of correct arch of the foot, strengthen the tendon and ligament, prevention of joint pathologies.

In hallux valgus patients are recommended special exercises with trainers

If conservative treatment of a man accompanied by a strong pain and discomfort, doctors recommend you pain killers. At the same time in physiotherapy.

If the disease is neglected and the deformation of the foot has reached the second or third grade, in this case, the patient can help only operation. In the pathology of first degree of patients spend only to the elimination of bumps on the big toe, but the foot doctors don't penetrate. A disease that is progressive of the second degree, requires the fixation of the bone elements of special screws, which are installed in the stop. As soon as a patient is not the desired shape curvature of the arch, the patients coming from other designs of get rid of'.

In the third degree is also a surgical intervention, but the roof doctor has to do with two screws instead of one. After the surgery, the patient a little bit of time to not go. Later, the patients move, not based on the limb operated. Full load on the foot can be given in a month.

HELP. Full of limbs, will be restored in a year, but thirty percent of patients relapse. For its prevention, it is very important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor.</ blockquote > Tort of legs

After the success of the treatment, patients must meet the measures of prevention. Again, it is very important to avoid the development of these factors that led to the hallux valgus foot. For prevention, we recommend:

  • the wear and tear of the shoes on a small heel, combined with bring comfortable shoes without heels;
  • patients are encouraged to walk through the sand, pebbles with bare feet – this will help activate the circulation of the blood in the lower extremities;
  • usually it is recommended a visit to the podiatrist and going podometre – with timely diagnosis deviation is easier to treat;
  • if the doctor will recommend insoles, don't forget to use them, will help properly distribute the load on the foot, and slight deformation and to cure the disease.

Correction with shoes

If, in a first stage, the early detection of the disease, in the majority of cases, can be corrected with shoes orthopedic. And patients because of their occupation are not configured for the surgery and prefer conservative methods of treatment of the flat curvaturae. If it is possible, this type of treatment from doctors to start with the selection of the right shoes.

Shoes for people with hallux valgus curvature of the foot has the following characteristics:

  • when used, the load on the foot is distributed evenly;
  • aktiviziruyutsya circulation in tarso, the unique;
  • with the boards alleviates the fatigue;
  • the first finger is fixed in a position, that does not go with the arch of the foot to the side.

Special orthotics can help to create the right arch of the foot

When choosing shoes for orthopedic patients, doctors, guided by the following parameters:

Wearing special shoes can help to eliminate valgus of the foot, however, shoes used quite a long time, so that patients do not have to hope for the fast dynamics positive. Hallux valgus in adults is in the majority of cases of disease acquired. To avoid becoming a victim valgus, it is necessary to observe all measures of prevention, but if the default is that there is already, therefore, all the efforts in a first phase, which can be eliminated with conservative methods of treatment.