How to do massage for hallux valgus in children

Carrying out baby massage with a diagnosis of "valgus deformity" of the foot, it is important to remember the basic rule – do no harm. Correct execution of movements of massage help to restore the legs, relieves tension, tones the calf muscles and feet, turning them into strong, elastic, agile, and strong.

Massage for hallux valgus in children

Also thanks to massage, accelerate the blood circulation. This factor, over time, normalize the development and the growth of the legs in children with curvature of the limbs. How to do the therapeutic massage, the experts say.

Step by step guide to massage for hallux valgus

As a massage of the areas of the child that it should work for adults, doctors distinguish:

  • back;
  • lower part of the back;
  • the buttocks;
  • the joints and the area muscle of the lower limbs;
  • feet.

The first question asked by parents: how to put the baby and were comfortable to carry out the manipulations of massage, the child is not worried? Changing table cover a soft towel or blanket. Position of the baby, so that her feet dangled down from the edge of the table.

Under the feet should be a little pad, it is better if it is made in the form of a mountain.

Now repeat these manipulations:

  1. Starts treatment by stroking her along the spine. Gently slide your palms through the delicate skin, the caress of the area of the lumbar to neck inclusive. Gradually increase the amplitude of movements, the capture of the entire region of the back, flanks and armpits.
  2. Then pat proceeded to massage with low intensity. How to do it correctly? Rubbing massage for hallux valgus in children is held with the hand turned on the entire surface of the support of the child. Then bend your fingers so that the tips touched my palms. Educated combs, and repeat the rubbing. Ensure that a hand moves in one direction, and the second to another. Simulate sawing.
  3. Hallux valgus in children
  4. Gently pat your baby on the back.
  5. Now begin to massage in the lumbar-sacral area. Alternate between stroking and rubbing. To not irritate the baby's skin, it is recommended to apply to your hands a small amount of baby cream. The exceptions are the patients prone to allergic rashes on the skin. Pats lead with the lumbar spine moving gently, up, sideways. In the same direction, the realization of friction.
  6. Buttocks massage in a circular motion and crossed. Grinding involves the use of the back of the fingers of the hands. Knead well the muscles, gently pat the buttocks of the baby.
  7. Return to practice the blows.

Features of foot massage

An efficient way to produce a massage at the feet of the child, it is recommended to follow this sequence of study:

  • Pat the entire surface of the legs;
  • make caresses of the thighs, from the dimples that is located under the knees, to its outer side;
  • knead the back muscles of the lower limbs, exerting a bit of effort;
  • RUB the skin;
  • Pat on the legs of a baby hand, alternatively, the closure and the opening with your fingers;
  • in the end Stoke leg.

A massage of legs for younger patients, with a new stage in the development of hallux valgus may vary slightly. You should pay attention to the General condition of the child. This will help to determine the doctor. Stroking is done from the heel to the popliteal fossa. The outer side of the tibia, to capture not need. Pay attention to relaxing manipulation:

  • muscle strain;
  • strokes;
  • shaking.

With regard to the inner side of calf muscles, that the use of it in the techniques. Welcome to vigorous rubbing the back of his fingers. Kneading is carried out with the scope of application of the force. After moving to the massage of the tibia on its inner face.

The foot massage, it is important to give the child, the feet of the correct position of the sole must hurry inside. Take hands with one foot and RUB with force. To see the reaction of the child, massage him like that. If the baby is crying and nervous, so hurt and unpleasant. This type of manipulation will only cause damage.

Pound and knead well as a corner located between the heel and fingers of the child. The top of the foot stroking gently. Separately, the working thumb.

Therapeutic exercises with valgus of the foot

If the condition of the feet in children varies slowly, you can add the implementation of the exercises therapeutic. The task of parents – to oppose the curvature, with sufficient physical activity. Help these simple movements:

  • makes the plants of the feet inside;
  • bending of the foot to the back;
  • flexing the soles of the feet and toes;
  • becomes stop, the capture and holding his little toy;
  • movement of rotation stops.

Hallux valgus in children is not a sentence. Immediately contact your doctor and do not stay on the sidelines. Follow the doctor's recommendations and don't forget daily to do massage and physical therapy.