Templates for orthopedic with valgus deformity

For the correction of abnormal positions of the feet with hallux valgus and to prevent this problem is often used orthotics. These health products not only remove the burden of the different parts of the feet, but also to eliminate often associated with the pathology of the pain. Today, the market of medical products there are many companies that offer the potential for the consumption of drugs. How to choose the right product and save money? In some cases, there is a need to purchase? What type are divided into orthotics hallux valgus? Reviews and opinions of the people use this product, what? The answers to these and other questions, the reader will find in the materials of our article.

Templates for orthopedic

What is it?

Valgus deformity of the lower limb - the process of changing the shape of the foot and, consequently, disrupting the normal position of the feet. The disease - pathology specific and very common. For the correction of the manifestations of the disease are special medical products - insoles, arch supports, orthopaedic, splints, and so on. The choice of module depends on the affected area of the lower extremities. Pathology can affect the region from the first toe to the hip.

Valgus deformity of the big toe - a condition that alters the position of the metatarsophalangeal joint, as a result, there is a change of the big toe. This violation leads to a change in the position of the other fingers of the foot.

PLANO-valgus deformity of the foot usually called a walk plan, and appears to change the direction of the axis of the foot. This disease develops in childhood, but the cause of the disorders can be congenital abnormalities or acquired - trauma fractures or tearing of the ligaments; the excess weight that leads to an increase of the load on the joints; paralysis, caused by a complication of osteomyelitis, and so on.

The defeat of the foot, ankle, hip

Hallux valgus feet develops from infancy may be due to the fact that the child began early to be up on their own legs or with the parents allowed the child to stay long in standing position. In childhood, the muscles and ligaments strong enough, and the increase of the load on them can lead to later rejection of a correct position of the axis of the legs. As a result, the distance between the knees is reduced, the tibia is displaced inwards and the legs become x-shaped.

Primary changes affect the knee joints. The child may be in a bad mood and ask in his hands, complaining of the fatigue and the pain of the leg. If measures are not taken to remedy the situation, he threw a disease that can cause curvature of the spine of the child. Valgus deformity of the ankle is a displacement of the heel outward and the displacement of the foot inside.

When valgus deformity of the femoral neck there is an increase in canting angle of the neck. Pathology in the majority of cases it is congenital and can occur due to the dysplasia of the hip or hip injury, and to be a consequence of disorders of the nervous system. Valgus deformity of the neck femoral is often associated with the deformation of the lower part of the leg or foot.

The degree of violations

As noted above, valgus deformity of foot pathology is the position of the feet, which leads to the fact that at the height of the foot decreases, and its Central axis is curved. The toes along with the heel out. A symptom of a pathology is not only a default aesthetic, which is very noticeable, but serious disturbances in the body, for example, bursitis chronic, arthrosis deformans, etc. Auxiliary corrective remedy for this pathology is to the west of shoes with orthopedic footbed.

Bursitis - a disease of the joints in which the inflammation of the mucous bags in the joints. Deforming osteoarthritis disease, that destroys the cartilage of the joints.

There are three degrees of hallux valgus, in accordance with the magnitude of the angle between the index finger and the connection or metatarsal bone. In the first degree occurs in patients with subluxation of the foot. Second degree hallux valgus leads to a change of the tendons in the thumb. The third degree of pathology related to the fact that the bone in the affected area is unable to cope with functional loading.

Why is there illness and what to do?

There are a number of factors that lead to changes pathological in the body, among them are:

  • the excess weight creates additional stress on the joints;
  • the genetic factor weak tendons;
  • hormonal disorders (for example, menopause, or insufficient/excessive thyroid function);
  • the appearance of hallux valgus may precede the gout, which causes joint going to the salt of uric acid that triggers the development of the curvatures;
  • uncomfortable, too narrow or not suitable for the length of the footwear;
  • constant operation of the high-heel shoes;
  • pregnancy, which leads to an increase of the load on the joints.

To complete the cure of the deformity is difficult, however, the pathology can be adjusted to minimize the symptoms of the disease. There are surgical and conservative methods of therapy. The first is the surgery, which solves the problem of the curve of the joints. It is used in the most severe cases, when the disease began.

The ball

To facilitate the removal of the symptoms of the disease and to prevent the disease apply conservative methods of treatment. Among them - the daily gymnastics of the feet with the help of special sports equipment (balls), as well as the application in everyday life and products comfortable.


Orthotics, the price of which depends on its production material, which is used for the prevention and treatment of various types of PLANO-valgus deformity of the foot. The longitudinal flat feet is often aggravated by the bad position of the foot, compensate for it inside. Normally, the products orthopaedic was made in two versions-leather or hygiene cloth.

Patients who use orthotics in hallux valgus, the criticism on the left for the most part positive. This is a leather products. They are durable, are easier to treat because the contaminants are removed from the surface with any substance that contains alcohol. Leather insole is more rigid, however, the price is greater than that of templates of hygienic cloth. Cloth also templates are more affordable, they are more soft, and can be used for the correction of disorders in children.

It is important to remember that the staff work together with shoes each day, in other words, the product is embedded in the inside of the Shoe, so that the template choose shoes with high and the more hard back. There is the possibility to customize the footbed for a specific shoes - the product can be cut, but only at the top and inside of the edge. The outdoor section of the template can not touch.

Classification according to the hardness of the

As a general rule, the template for the correction of the deformity can be divided into three groups:

  • preventive;
  • treatment and prevention;
  • treatment.

To prevent the disease of the best orthotic insole is a product that is a soft pillow that can quickly change its form under pressure. These templates can be used in almost any closed Shoe, because it slightly increases the fullness of the space inside the Shoe.

Treatment-and-prophylactic templates - products with an average height of pillow, which is slightly compressed, and almost does not modify the form when clicked. These templates are of leather as a raw material, and hygienic fabric. Apply this type of product in the Shoe with a closed heel and raised with a retaining leg snap closure.


Therapeutic insoles are products, arch supports with a high, in the shape of a bow. This type of orthopedic modules used only in the proper treatment of the shoes.

Orthotic insoles: how to choose

Today, the potential consumer has the option - to buy ready-made footbed with specified options, or to make a product for the purpose with the options that most closely meet the physiological characteristics of the foot. There are also individualisierte insoles and orthopedic products, which give small but useful changes in their physical parameters.

The main feature of which is the selected template feet in length. The product can be purchased, by focusing on the metric option or by using the traditional Shoe size, fully coincides with the existing orthotic insoles.

As the material of the arch support can be of different densities, the choice of the templates should focus on their own feelings - to try various types of products and choose the most convenient for you.

Orthopedic staff should always fulfill its mission - for active loads and sport appropriate to a type for your daily life or two. So the fans of walking and the people, whose work involves prolonged standing on his feet, pay attention to the template with a frame. These products are very thin and suitable for almost any casual footwear.

However, if a person periodically has pain in the foot, will fit cushioned insole is comfortable and convenient, but a little thicker than usual. For athletic shoes is recommended to choose the templates without a frame. They come in single and double layer, respectively, vary in thickness. Double-layer products are often used in rheumatoid arthritis. This arch support helps to evenly distribute the load on the foot and relieve the pressure that falls on "bones".

What to pay attention

You must understand that orthotics is medical devices, and if it is not about measures of prevention and treatment, should be chosen only in accordance with the diagnosis.

Orthotics is divided into two types: children and adults. Products for children should choose with care and only after consulting with a podiatrist. In children is common, longitudinal flat feet, and templates are often equipped with additional modules, designed to support the arch longitudinal of the foot. Template with three support points that are used to support longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot. These products help to reduce the load on the heel.

Orthotics for adults is very diverse and, depending on the functions are divided into:

  • half staff or insoles-orthopedic foot support for women who wear high heels;
  • longitudinal;
  • cross;
  • longitudinal-transverse;
  • insoles to treat heel spurs;
  • half-templates-templates for the prevention of deformities in the feet;
  • framework templates that only apply to closed shoes.

Useful tips

Always remember that the physiology of the foot with time a little, but modified, so that every two years is recommended to change the template, while consulting podiatrist.

In the instructions for the care of the product is specified in the guidelines, that are important to follow, no matter of what material made footbed. In addition, the plant templates are the indications for its use, including, for example, fatigue in the legs, pain in the feet on the bottom of flatfoot of various types, different length of the lower limbs, etc.

The effectiveness of the templates verified by our own observations - the reasons for which the product was purchased should if not disappear, at least not so clearly manifest.

In comparison with goods, the order, the best technology is still considered pre-made orthotic insoles. With hallux valgus the opinions about their effectiveness varied but most people said that the functioning of this product improves the quality of life - pain in the legs becomes smaller, the load on the foot is reduced, walking more comfortable.


In addition to templates for orthopedic for the correction of the curvature of the joints and reduce the pain big toe valgus is used the tyre is a kind of bandage, which fixes the wrong position of the joint.

Apart from the use of orthotic devices for the correction of pathological changes, it is useful to strengthen the muscles and arch of the foot with the help of special exercises and massage.

Summarizing all the above, it can be noted that hallux valgus is a disease that often develops in childhood. To prevent the emergence of serious pathological States, it is important to begin therapeutic measures as soon as possible. Application in the treatment of orthopedic modules leads to good results.

Templates can be made of different materials, and the mass or the custom, from which, in fact, depends on their cost. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect on positive to be selected in accordance with the standard size of the shoes and invest in shoes with a hard heel need orthotic insole with hallux valgus. Reviews of people who use this medical device, indicate the achievement of a good effect, but only when intelligently chosen module and continuity of operation.