Hallux valgus: prevention and treatment

Hallux valgus is one of the most common orthopedic diseases today, it is manifested in a strong deviation of the big toe to the inside of the foot. In addition to the look ugly, this deformation will break all the structures of the foot: ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. In parallel with the curvature and the formation of a prominent "bone" in the inner part of the foot, it can be observed orthopedic pathology, such as:

hallux valgus
  • deforming arthrosis of the metatarsophalangeal joints;
  • bursitis chronic;
  • exostosis of the metatarsal bone heads;
  • combined or transverse platypodia;
  • internal deviation of the I metatarsal bone.


Causes of hallux valgus has not been studied to the end, however, plays a very important role in osteoporosis, flat feet, endocrine disorders, and genetic predisposition, that is to say, the weakness innate in the connective and skeletal tissues. In addition, a very tangible harms mismatched shoes, cramped, with narrow toes and high heels. As a result of the use of these shoes, the load on the foot is distributed unevenly, especially front-loaded the division occurs the deformation and osteoarthritis of the big toe joint.


The first manifestation of the disease is the discomfort and the pain when walking, fatigue, problems in the use of shoes, then there are painful calluses and corns. Slowly the changes of the shape and position of the joints is large and second toes, is growing "bone" of the skin in the place becomes red and swells slightly.

Depending on the degree of deviation of the big toe there are different degrees of severity of the process:

  • 1 degree of deviation of up to 15°;
  • 2 degree – 15-20°;
  • Grade 3 – 20-30°;
  • 4 the degree of deviation of more than 30°.

In stages 3 and 4, as a general rule, there are complications: ingrowth of the nails, inflammation of corns and calluses, hammer contortion, especially the second toe.

The treatment of hallux valgus

treatment of the deformity

Because similar symptoms can be observed in other orthopedic diseases, you first need to go to the doctor-orthopedist. An accurate diagnosis can be established only after a serious examination necessary x-ray the foot in three planes. Only after making sure that the patient is actually hallux valgus, you can start the treatment. You have to be prepared to ensure that the process will be long and hard.

Treatment of hallux valgus is divided into conservative and surgical. First used in the early stages of the disease and, unfortunately, does not lead to complete recovery. However, competent and timely approach can significantly slow down further progression of the deformity and delay surgical operations.

Talk in detail about the methods of conservative treatment. These include:

  • wearing shoes orthopedic, arch supports, and night tires and the soles and interdigital pads;
  • physiotherapy;
  • intra-joint administration of hormonal medications to relieve the inflammation.

Orthopedic shoes should be soft enough, with a big nose and a heel no greater than 4 cm.

Valgus deformity of the first finger of the foot, is often accompanied by a PLANO-valgus deformity – flat feet. This changes the direction of the axis of the foot and the decrease of the laps. In this case, the shoes should be high and hard heel and thick arch support. It is important to use special templates for orthopedic which are best manufactured according to individual orders, taking into account all the peculiarities of your own feet.

Among physiotherapeutic procedures, place special is the shock wave therapy, which helps to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and pain.

Equally important is the prevention of hallux valgus, which consists in changing the life style of the patient. In the first place, you need to take for a rule daily to perform simple exercises to keep the joint mobility of the foot. In particular, it is possible to walk on tiptoe, to roll on the floor small items to increase your feet and the like. In the second place, it is very useful to massage the feet and calf muscles, and then nice to make a foot bath with pine extract or sea salt.

In the third place, it is necessary to adjust the power. The fact that progression of valgus deformity rather contributes to the deposition of uric acid in the joints of the foot, therefore, it is recommended to reduce the dietary content of foods rich in purine – a substance that causes an excessive accumulation of uric acid in the body. And products such as meat, certain fish, shellfish, broth, legumes, tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate.

And finally, in fourth place, will have to conduct an audit in the Shoe closet and put aside the "dangerous" shoes: narrow, narrow, high heel. Leave the studs for the holidays and for every day choose comfortable shoes on a small steady heel.

Hallux valgus in children

deformity of foot in children

Children often flat-footed, or flat-valgus deformity of the foot. The child begins to complain of severe fatigue and leg pain during prolonged walking, and visually you can see that the heel is diverted towards the outside. In this case, you must immediately go to the appointment with the podiatrist because with timely and proper treatment, it is possible to completely restore the normal state of the foot.

The doctor will recommend the appropriate footwear orthopedic, prescribed massage, but is simple but very effective exercises to do at home, turning the class in the game. The child with pleasure will compress towel, keep and lift small objects with the fingers, roll the pencil stops and to try and get out of position "in Turkish".

Don't forget of the sport, because nothing will strengthen your foot better than a regular swim, play football, Cycling, gymnastics on the monkey bars and other types of exercise.