How does the valgus foot in children pictures and how to cure default?

Sometimes a child diagnosed with a valgus foot, especially under the age of 5 – 6 years. These deformities as they grow, taking more pronounced form, and most importantly, have serious consequences for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

With the early detection of the pathology of these problems are treatable and the person has no violations in the joints or the bones.

hallux valgus in children photos

What is the valgus foot in a child?

Valgus foot is a violation of the musculoskeletal system), with the result that the child is observed the deformation of the foot. In this disease there is poor location of the heels and inner ankles touching.

The pathological features include:

  1. Occurs in 30% of children under 6 years of age.
  2. If not the treatment, finally, to develop a serious disease of the spine.
  3. The disease is in constant progress.
  4. Successfully treatable in the early stages.

Because of the deficiency

All causes valgus of the foot are divided into two groups:

  1. Congenital, in which the formation of the defect during fetal development.
  2. Buy.

The defect develops in the background:

  • weak connective tissues;
  • infectious diseases such as pneumonia;
  • the development of muscle weakness;
  • dislocation of the hip;
  • mismatched shoes in the first steps;
  • rickets;
  • the muscle tone;
  • of diabetes;
  • obesity.
Note: in children born prematurely pathology noted in 2 times more often than other children.

Signs and symptoms

To recognize the development of valgus of the foot may be characteristic symptoms:

  • Contact to the inside of the spots with the floor when walking.
  • Inflammation in the heel.In the early stages of the inflammation is imperceptible, it is developing with the progression of the disease
  • Drag the feet while moving.

The main functions are:

  1. Clumsy motion.
  2. Bending of the knees.
  3. Eversion of the toes.
Note: often in this disease the baby complains of pain when walking, and can cover long distances.
hallux valgus in children photos treatment


Valgus the foot has three degrees:

Easy. Features:

  • the feet are at an angle of 10 — 20 degrees of the other;
  • the children experience pain when walking;
  • pathology is easy therapy.

Average. Features:

  • the feet are at an angle of 20 — 30 degrees of the other;
  • the baby is experiencing a certain discomfort when walking;
  • pathology amenable to treatment, but it takes a lot of time.

Heavy. Features:

  • the feet are at an angle of more than 30 degrees with respect to the other;
  • the baby is experiencing pain in the joints;
  • the motion is very different from the usual;
  • observe eversion of the toes.
Important: often severe can be corrected only surgically.

Methods of diagnosis

For the diagnosis of the doctors is:

  1. A careful inspection of the feet at rest and when walking.
  2. Ultrasound examination of the foot.
  3. Computer plantography.
  4. The x-rays.
Note: to identify hallux valgus, the foot in 80% of cases, the podiatrist may during a routine examination of the newborn baby.

Treatment of hallux valgus in children

When diagnosed with a pediatric treatment orthopedic. From a son of the father is necessary:

  • to comply with all the recommendations;
  • to pick up a baby the right shoes, based on the pathology exists;
  • the time to attend all physical education classes, procedures and so on.

Note: if you abandon the prescribed treatment, in the future, the baby will not be able to painless a go, will have a curvature of the spine, as well as other negative consequences.

Important: this defect usually does not happen, but only intensifies with time.


Effective help for hallux valgus foot physiotherapy. The children along with a instructor doing a series of exercises for the legs.

For example, many patients with this diagnosis are displayed:

  • Squeeze a small ball with the right and left foot.To these effects, there is a special ball with soft spikes
  • Walking at a moderate pace in orthopedic surgery nosce.
  • The pressure on the ball or rolling it between the feet.For a greater impact that the baby needs to put pressure on the ball as much with both feet.
  • Clenching his fingers more than 1,5 – 2 minutes.
  • Walking to the scale horizontal.
  • Pull up the socks.


    • child on a hard surface;
    • the hands put in the waist or pull along the trunk;
    • leva gently the toes and down.

    Duration of exercise should be 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Move small objects. To perform this exercise is necessary for the child to sit in a chair.Baby's feet should reach the floor.It can be put beside the chair a lot of small objects of different shapes, in particular circular, longitudinal, square. Using only the toes to move items spread out in different directions, or put in a place.

Note: the duration of this exercise should be 8 to 10 minutes.

Important: the positive dynamics can be achieved if the child performs physiotherapy daily, and do all the recommended exercises.

Physical therapy

The baby with the diagnosed pathology in 90% of cases are assigned to the physiotherapy. Thanks to this therapy says:

  • the reduction of the muscle tension;
  • reduction of pain when walking;
  • the reduction of inflammation in the heels.

Mainly for children recommends:

Electrophoresis. The procedure with this diagnosis is performed in the following stages:

  • feet applied bandage, treatment of drugs.Need to drug is assigned to a podiatrist or pediatrician.
  • connects the device, which with the help of a special pulse affects the feet of the baby;
  • after 3 to 7 minutes, the procedure ends.
Important: before carrying out electrophoresis on the part of the doctor exposed to the desired frequency and energy in accordance with the age of the patient and the degree of development of the disease.

Paraffin boots. The base of the therapy is the application of paraffin casting the child's foot. Resulting in a marked increase in blood flow and metabolism and tissue repair.

Note: paraffin boots is contraindicated in babies with diabetes, the thresholds of the heart and disorders of the circulatory system.

The total duration of the course of physiotherapy is decided by the attending podiatrist. In severe cases appointed a couple of cycles with a certain distance therebetween.

Major: physical therapy is only recommended to attend a doctor. All the procedures have contraindications, and most importantly, it is not permitted to be conducted at home.
hallux valgus in children exercises


When valgus foot it is important that the massage performed by a therapist experienced. The technique is chosen individually for each patient.

However, this pathology is focused on:

  • the muscles of the feet;
  • in line with the spine;
  • the tips of the toes;
  • lumbo – sacralis zone.

The duration of the massage depends on the age of the child and the severity of the disease. Basically, do it every day 8 – 10 days after there is a break of 10 – 14 days and do it all over again.

Note: for each patient, the total duration of the course is determined by a podiatrist.

Important: you can not perform the massage on its own, in this case, we can deform the foot of the child even more.

Footwear orthopedic and templates

When diagnosed with this disease should wear shoes orthopedic.

The doctors recommended for a child to buy shoes:

  • Clearly the fixation of the leg.
  • With rigid heel.
  • Strictly proper size.The model selected should not be loose or deformed toes
  • Provide a location top of the heel, in comparison with the rest of the foot.
  • Genuine leather or suede.

With this disease it is necessary to wear shoes not only outside but also at home.

It allows, as an alternative to special shoes, for the purchase templates for orthopedic. It is important to buy the right size and the right width.

Important: templates orthopedic not worth the savings. Cheaper options do not give the desired result.

Tip: it is better to templates manufactured to order, taking into account all the anatomical characteristics points of the child.


hallux valgus in children shoes

If the baby is not diagnosed with an anomaly, congenital, a disease can be prevented with preventive measures.

Orthopedics consultation:

  • Not to put the child on his feet, while the musculoskeletal system is not fully developed.The children get up independently after about 9 — 10 months.
  • Buying the correct footwear, that:

    • corresponds to the length of the foot;
    • captures the heel;
    • has the template orthopedic;
    • breathable.

    First steps of a child need to do is easy, comfortable and correctly selected shoes.

  • Daily to do simple gymnastics exercises with the baby, for example, to walk on the carpet barefoot and orthopedic or move the fingers of the feet small items.
  • To choose the proper diet for the child, that, in the right amount the body received all the useful elements.
  • Every day walking.
  • Swimming.
  • Encourage the physical activity of the child.

It is also important to regularly visit a pediatrician, and if you believe that any default at the time of starting the treatment.

Note! Valgus foot occurs in many children, and the vast majority can be treated with success, especially in the early stages.

The parents of the child need to closely monitor your baby's development, spend time with him planned medical inspections, and in cases of pathology, to proceed immediately to the assigned treatment.

Quick tips:

  • do not attempt to massage the deformed foot of the baby;
  • not a gym without the supervision of a specialist;
  • making sure that the kids were only in special shoes orthopedic.