valgus foot deformity in children, flat feet

First steps child parents perceive as a very happy family event. But you can become for the detection of pathology orthopedic as valgus deformity of the foot. It is a violation, usually, is evident only at the beginning of the march and a long time later. On the causes of the problems and about what to do in this situation, says renowned pediatrician and author of books on children's health Evgeny Komarovsky.

About the disease

Valgus in medicine this is called talipes in which they are in a cross position relative to each other, reminiscent of the H. most Often, the disease becomes visible when the child tries to step on the feet and take the first steps - pathology is reflected in the fact that at the time of walking the baby is in the inner part of the foot.

Steps of a child are very difficult — that very soon he tires, sometimes with pain, the steps themselves are insecure. You describe this state from the point of view of the processes that occur in the feet — the toes and heel towards the outside, in the middle part of the foot a few omitted. If the legs, pull and push the other in the knee region, the distance between the bones of the ankles will be more than 3-4 inches. If it significantly reduces the height of the arch of the foot, it will give you a talk about how the baby ploskoval'gusnyye of the foot. valgus flat foot is the most common diagnosis in pediatric orthopedics.

This type of distortion of the feet, is of two types: congenital and physiological (acquired). In the first case, the legs are bent in the period of fetal development under the influence of certain factors on which medicine knows no time. Congenital anomalies of the foot tend to be quite heavy, and to see them possible in the first 2-3 months of life independent of the child.

deformation of the foot

Acquired deformity is often associated with errors in the development and function of the musculoskeletal system, tendons. Such violations become apparent closer to the age of 1 year . Risk - the springs with the weakness of muscles, premature infants suffering from rickets, who suffered frequent and severe viral infections in the first year of life. The legs run the risk of turning into curves in children who are obese, since the load on the lower extremities when a large weight is very important.

Sometimes the parents are to blame for the onset of the disease. Therefore, it is too early to put the baby on the legs could "work" the mechanism of deformation of feet, and lower burden on foot, walking exclusively in the direct of the plant can cause acquired flat feet or ploskoval'gusnoy of the foot.

Walk plan scares parents, not less. However, Komarovsky advises not to panic, because from birth, all children have flat feet, it is a feature of children. The arch of the foot will be formed gradually as growth, the stress on the feet, and everything is in the hands of the parents, with the exception of congenital flat feet that can be corrected only surgically.

The degree of pathology

There are four main degrees of valgus of the disease according to the severity of the deficiency and the severity of the event:

  1. First degree. The angle of deviation from the norm does not exceed 15 degrees. Pathology lends itself well to the correction conservative ways.
  2. Second degree. The angle of deflection — not more than 20 degrees. This condition is also successfully treated with exercise, massage, physical therapy.
  3. Third degree. The angle of deflection — not more than 30 degrees. Pathology difficult of correction, treatment long, but because of the patience and perseverance on the part of parents and doctors, the prognosis is very favorable.
  4. Fourth grade. The angle of deviation from normal values - more than 30 degrees. With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment prescribed surgery.

The plan also has several studies that are in the same way, classified according to the degree of deviation of the arc from the norm. As in the case of valgus deformation of the first and second degree conventional flat feet are treated fairly simply and quickly. With the third and fourth will be more difficult.


Diagnosed the child to the podiatrist. This is done on the basis of the visual inspection and assigned to additional studies, which include x-rays of the feet, planography computer. If these studies are not scheduled, and the doctor puts you on the correct diagnosis you should consult another doctor. Very often in young patients with a confirmed pathology of the hallux valgus is advisable to visit a neurologist to rule out problems with the peripheral and the central nervous system.

As soon as the reasons underlying the modification of the stop, the doctor set the type of lesion etiologies:

  • Static deformation. This is a problem to be detected, if the curvature is involved bad posture.
  • The deformation of structure. Curvature stop having congenital causes. Normally, the os with this strain placed correctly with a deviation in one direction or another.
  • Compensatory deformation. If the child has a bit less Achilles tendon, bevelled tibia, feet when walking will be deformed functionally.
  • Corrective deformation. This distortion arises, if the child is absolutely wrong treated or not treated is not the correct structure of the foot.
  • Spasms nervous strain. The reason for this curvature are on the correct functioning of the cerebral cortex, which often have spasms of the limbs.
  • Paralytic deformity. In general it is the result of suffering at an early age, or encephalitis complicated by a polio.
  • Rakhitichnaya deformation. Occurs with rickets.
  • The consequences of the injury. On pathology can result in torn ligaments, fractures of the foot, ankle, thigh and hip.

In the diagnosis of flat feet uses the same techniques and methods of research.


Finally let the child formed only 12 years old, so many of the problems found by experts and by parents themselves in a more delicate age, and you need to correct it up to this point, says Dr. Komarovsky.

Normally the treatment as flat feet and valgus curvature, with the aim of strengthening the ligaments, the muscles of the foot to the shape of the arc. For this prescribed foot baths, therapeutic massage, electrophoresis, swimming, physical therapy. The case of the pathology congenital immobilise the lower limb with plaster. In the absence of the effect of all these measures, the child may be recommended the surgery.

If the defect is not treated and not corrected, in the case of severe deformity of the child's subsequent disability, as the increase of the load on the knees and hip joints causes the deformation and the destruction of them, which leads to irreversible changes of the apparatus, the musculoskeletal.


As soon as you will get to know the disease, the easier it will be to fix it. Medical statistics show that valgus curvature of the foot and shins, revealed at the age of 1 year and a little older, with the correct therapy has a very favorable forecasts — likely to eliminate the problem completely and permanently is approaching one hundred percent.

If the disease is detected late and the child, for various reasons, has not been given the necessary medical assistance, and the disease is neglected, adolescence is a very high probability of developing back problems. The more time from the beginning of the curvature was held before treatment, the less likely that a full and satisfactory recovery.


Very often parents tend to blame themselves for problems with the foot in a child. Mothers feel guilty, because they have chosen the wrong shoes the fumes, which became the reason for the violation of the anatomy of the foot. Yevgeny Komarovsky relieves the parents — deformation of the legs in any degree depends on the shoes. Since man originally came to the light without shoes, it is not so necessary, from a biological and physiological point of view.

However, through the use of special shoes orthopedic can fix some changes pathological in the foot. Although you can fully trust in the healing properties of face shoes orthopedic Komarovsky advises. And they can have auxiliary effect, but that needs to be treated in other ways, and could be prevented through an active lifestyle, walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, running and jumping. The more active the child, the less likely that an acquired curvature of the foot or flat feet.

walk plan

The majority of parents are interested in, when can I start to bring shoes baby. Komarovsky says to do immediately after the first steps made no sense. Let the child as much time as possible walking barefoot — at home, on the street, if they are able to. Of course, at the kindergarten or for a walk in the Park of the necessity of putting a child.

In severe valgus symptoms are often recommended to buy templates with supinatorami, which does not allow the foot to "fall" of the interior. These shoes are generally rigid side of the edge, which ensures your feet in the correct position, a firm locking of the heel. This files most often have to make these shoes to order, taking into account the degree of deviation from the norm that measures and describes the podiatrist.

Not worth the buy orthopedic shoes baby for prevention, because the mother thought that the legs of the springs is not as well.

In the choice of shoes every day Komarovsky advised to follow the basic rules:

  1. The shoes must be the same size, not small and not big enough, the child should be comfortable and comfortable.
  2. To buy shoes "for growth" makes no sense, since the geometry of the foot changes during the growth of the leg.
  3. It is desirable that the shoes were not made of synthetic materials, the leg must "breathe".
  4. Sharp nose and the heel on the models of children's shoes are unacceptable.

Practical tips

The best prevention of problems with the feet — the ability to give the child more often to go barefoot, not only on a flat surface, that is our floor in the apartment, but in "rough" terrain. If there is a private terrace where you can let the child run barefoot on the earth, grass, and repeatedly, then the ideal option would be the Swedish wall, which parents can buy and mount in the nursery of the child. When climbing and walking in the that the child is "working" the muscles of the foot, and there is flat feet and valgus curvature does not.

A great way to prevent functional (acquired) flat foot, or of the warp stop — baby floor mats with convex elements ("shell", "rocks", etc.). That are sold at any large baby store, as well as in orthopedic salons.

The first formulation of the legs is unacceptable. Despite the fact that the average medical standards indicate the approximate age of the appearance of walking 9-15 months, there is no need to rush baby, says Komarovsky. Not by force put him on his legs, if he is not yet making attempts to stand and walk, no need to "push" the child into the Walker, because early ambulation can be the cause of problems, not only with the anatomy of the foot, but with a spine that is much worse and more serious.

If the case revealed valgus condition of the foot or flat feet the doctor prescribed therapeutic massage, prepare yourself for the fact that the procedures are very long.

In order not to spend more money, ask the massage therapist to teach the technique of performing all the actions. Usually a massage with this disease includes massage Sacro-lumbar region, legs, legs, feet. Do receptions should be in a strict sequence.

A couple of sessions with the help of a specialist will be enough to master the massage yourself.